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Is an iPhone case really safe?


iPhone cases are one of the most popular accessories today. And it will be so as long as Apple releases its smartphones. The choice is so great that you can buy them for any outfit, mood or theme and change them every day for a year, never repeating. There are both cheap accessories and expensive ones on sale, sometimes they do not differ from each other in durability. But is the iPhone case really safe? Can it damage the smartphone from the outside or damage the battery? They say yes. Let’s check if this is true.

Should I carry my iPhone in a case?

In fact, there is no universal solution for the case: on the one hand, it really protects the iPhone screen and camera from damage due to the sides. But you should not rely on it, since a lot depends on where the blow will take place: if the smartphone falls flat, most likely, you will get off with a replacement protective glass and a little fright. In extreme cases, it may be a barely noticeable chip in the corner of the screen, which you will soon stop paying attention to.

However, not every case protects the iPhone . If this is Pitaka MagEZ made of Kevlar , then only the open edges of the smartphone are damaged, and the original Apple case or Commo accessory covers a much larger area. In addition, they are dense and made of matte silicone, so, in this case, even the chances of dropping the smartphone out of hand are reduced even more.

However, this does not mean that you can save money using fakes. Although they protect like the original, the coating eventually peels off at the edges, it is worse cleaned, and the color fades over time. Moreover, they are covered with cheap paint: under the influence of high temperatures (even in your pocket!) Over time, the cover leaves marks on the bright areas of the smartphone. It is almost impossible to wash them, which means that the buyer may have questions during resale.

But thin plastic pads protect the iPhone not so effectively. In most cases, they are bought due to the fact that they are light and do not make the smartphone larger in size – you can say that in the hands it feels almost like without a case. Their only purpose is to protect the case from scratches, but you should not drop them, since such accessories become unusable after the first fall. They do not have sides, so the probability of flying in to replace the glass is almost one hundred percent. Be careful!

Does a case damage your phone battery?

On the Internet, especially in the western segment, there are a lot of interesting stories related to how the case harms the iPhone . It turns out that durable leather is better at retaining the heat that comes from the phone case. And the most annoying thing is that you may not notice this, since the dense layer keeps all the heat inside, and the smartphone at this time is like a hot cake.

Of course, this does not mean that cases kill iPhone batteries : I think that hardly anyone brings to such a state. But if you use it while charging or tethering, you can extend battery life by taking it out of the case. It is very difficult to save the coveted percentages of the maximum capacity, but you can try. In the end, it costs you nothing, unlike replacing the battery in the service.

How does the battery case affect the iPhone

But if ordinary cases are not so terrible for the battery, then users have questions about the Smart Battery Case . Do not confuse it with ordinary power banks, which are assembled from obscure parts. Yes, it is dense and powerful enough (about 10 W), but the whole point is in the battery capacity. It is small, so the smartphone will not be fully charged from scratch, the maximum is 50-60%.

But there is a problem: given that this is still a case, and even with a battery inside, excessive heating is still likely. In addition, the area, unlike the same wireless charging, will be limited. But there is nothing to worry about: I did not find a single mention on the Web that the battery case spoils the iPhone. So, feel free to use it, but charge it separately from the iPhone so as not to create conditions for overheating and reduce battery life, and also remove it if you feel a high temperature during use.

As you can see, even cases can harm your iPhone if used incorrectly. The accessory can sometimes reduce the battery life, which is why it will have to be changed ahead of time. But do you remember what will happen if you constantly postpone repairs? In order not to have to overpay, do it in advance: our friends from Apple Pro are currently running a battery replacement promotion.

For example, changing it from the iPhone 13 costs only $75.82. And if suddenly the cover did not protect the camera from falling, then the replacement will cost only $ 75.82. But if there is a desire to return the iPhone to perfect condition, you need to hurry, as the promotion is limited in time.

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