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Is a magnet bad for an iPhone battery?


In 2023, it is difficult to imagine using an iPhone without a magnetic holder in the car – this is the easiest way to secure a smartphone and use a navigator. In addition, there are other magnetic accessories for iPhone and iPad, such as the branded Smart Folio case, which is magnetic to the back of the tablet. It would seem that this is insanely convenient, and there is no doubt about the reliability of such a mount – it will last as long as possible, in any case, it will definitely be enough for the period of use of the device. That’s just in light of the rapid failure of the battery in the iPhone, many are wondering if magnets harm the smartphone ?

Does a magnet harm an iPhone?

One interesting case made me think about the possible dangers of magnets. When I resold the 1st generation iPhone SE , there was yellowing around the edges of its display. Of course, I informed the buyer about it, to which he replied that it was the fault of the proximity of the smartphone to the magnets. Is there any truth in this?

It turned out it wasn’t. All the specialists I knew, whom I interviewed, answered in the negative. The fact is that the holders in the car do not create a strong enough magnetic field for the desired impact on the smartphone. Moreover, there is no effect of magnets on the display , since modern smartphones have IPS and OLED matrices. They, unlike displays in old mobile phones, are not affected by a magnetic field – you can safely check this and you will not notice any distortion. True, this does not mean that the iPhone can always be left in the holder.

How does the magnet affect the iPhone camera

But the influence of magnets on the iPhone camera really is: Apple on its website reports that when using such accessories, a blurry photo can be obtained. The fact is that because of this, optical stabilization may not work, since strong magnets interfere with the operation of the sensors. You will continue to take pictures, but they will be blurry until the magnetic field disappears.

In this case, electronic stabilization will continue to work, so you may not notice the catch at all. Apple doesn’t specify which devices might be affected by the magnets, but it does say that car mounts and folios that attach to your smartphone should be avoided. Again, there is no information about whether the magnet can break the iPhone’s camera , as its effect is temporary.

Does a magnet damage an iPhone battery?

If you often use a magnetic holder, you probably noticed that the iPhone fixed in it is discharged faster . And this is not a mistake – it is! At the same time, the discharge rate increases slightly – it is unlikely that a magnetic holder can discharge an iPhone battery .

This is where the effect of magnets on the battery ends: the fact is that lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries are resistant to them. The battery life is not affected by the magnet, so if your iPhone settings have reduced the maximum capacity by a couple of percent, the holder from the car does not affect it in any way.

By the way, the magnets themselves in the MagSafe charger are also harmless to your iPhone. At the same time, do not forget about how to use it correctly: you should not play on the iPhone, otherwise it may heat up. Some users report that MagSafe still heats up the smartphone while charging and reduces battery capacity faster, but this is not the fault of the magnets. Unless, due to the tight contact of the case and charging, it is a little more difficult for the iPhone to cool, so the temperature may exceed the recommended one by 2-3 degrees, but that’s another story – read about it in our article.

Is a magnetic phone holder safe?

There are other fictitious breakdowns associated with magnets: for example, the failure of a SIM card . Fortunately, neither the holder, nor the MagSafe charger, nor other accessories have any effect on it – the magnetic field is too weak to disable the communication module. Even the magnets in the smartphone itself cannot harm the bank card !

The magnet in the holder cannot affect the GPS module and it is clearly unable to disable it for the same reasons. They say that navigation can fail due to magnets, in particular, the location may be incorrectly determined. In any case, in one of the threads on the Apple forum there is an answer to this question , confirmed by the Cupertinos. Such cases are rare, therefore, in order to avoid such failures, it is recommended not to leave the iPhone for a long time in the holder, especially if it is equipped with wireless charging.

It turns out that the magnet is safe for the iPhone ? So it is: it will not even damage the built-in memory, because it does not have moving parts. You can safely buy a magnetic holder and any other accessory without fear for the safety of your iPhone!

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