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How to Increase Traffic of Your Blog Without Google (No Matter the Niche)


Many new bloggers and website owners hope to use SEO to generate a ton of traffic. Most often they fail regarding their rankings in Google or traffic, and destroy their site by making too much spam with links. This article will show you some of the possibilities outside of Google and SEO.

I also want to emphasize the power of the items requested and you also talk about a generation techniques lesser known traffic. In the end, everything is reduced to people you know and network that you can leverage. Discover the benefits of traffic sources you might not have heard of before, or you would not have thought this to be beneficial to your business.

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These tactics have allowed me to make a boom on my blog. Let’s get started,

1 – Send an email to your subscriber list

No matter what the current list size, send them your new articles. This happened to me and it also happens to big boys! You are busy doing things and forget to send a mail 😀 Having a subscriber list is your most important asset and you should definitely use it.  Even when you have configured a sequence of emails to your auto responded you can always send newsletters. These people have chosen to subscribe because they WANT to hear from you and read what you have to say. If you have not started your own list, I highly recommend starting with email marketing and increase your following conversion.

2 – Pictures and Plugins shares images

This is one of my biggest traffic generators on my travel blog. Just install a plugin like frizzly for nice sharing buttons by mousing over the image. I create images to illustrate posts, and much more. All also appear on my Twitter cards, and my publications on Facebook and on other social profiles. Nowadays, it is quite easy to create beautiful images without being a graphic designer.

Here are my favorite resources: Canva Bank Pictures pictures as Gettyimages , FotoliaShutterstock , Pic Jumbo, Picktochart (computer graphics).

It depends on your preferences, but with some pictures of image banks and Canva you can do good things. To change the size of the image you can use Webresizer (free) and the image compression tool Kraken .

3 – Share content several times on social networks

People working in Buffer recently published an article in which they analyzed the benefits of sharing content more than once on your social networking accounts. This works very well on Twitter. You can reach followers in different time slots or only those who were not online when you shared the first time. This can result in more shares and retweets, to increase the traffic to your blog, a better CTR (click through rate) and many other positive effects. Bufferapp can help you automate, but there are also several other tools that you could use.

4 – Metadata on social networks (Twitter Cards, Open graph Facebook …)

A traffic generation technique that is totally passive – but really well – it is metadata for social networks ..

Here are the ones you can use:

  • The Twitter Maps
  • Rich Pins
  • The Open Graph Facebook
  • You can get more traffic from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google + even without working more. This allows your shared items include images.

You can also get some of the above benefits using WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin which is a (free) and very popular.

5 – Increase the speed of your site

Improving your website’s speed can be a legit way to get a lower bounce rate which in turn can lead to better conversions and top rankings on Google. You should have in order to make any WordPress website load in three seconds to achieve better results. I recommend installing a caching plugin as W3 Cache , WP Fastest Cache or WP Rocket (fee required). In addition, you should images that load quickly (the plugin Lazy Load using good) and have a nice theme coded properly. Regardless of the plugins you use, keep in mind that each plugin can slow down your site if it is not executed correctly. In general, we could say that there is less of plugins installed over your website is fast. This is something very important that you should check from time to time.

6 – Guest Blogging

I speak of guest articles. This is one of the best traffic generation strategies that I know, but one that needs more work on your side. Working on something of quality and post it on another blog to get the greatest results. Maybe your own blog still has no traffic, but the popular blog, which you suggest your articles to a lot of traffic. If you establish a relationship with the blog owner, this might even allow you to post new articles or they are promoting some content on your blog. You may also work together on future projects or doing interviews. The article requested is often the next step after the comments and help a lot with networking.

7 – Use the tools effectively

I always recommend to tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite and others to automate parts of your daily tasks. This will help you do more in less time. In the end, it will certainly bring more visitors to the short term on your blog, and traffic will increase over time. Many of these tools are available in a free version or you can get a free trial. Start with those and find software or Web application that you like best.

8 – Content Sites

Spend some time on the search to find more places to submit your links. You can test . More free traffic and exposure, you will gain some good quality links to improve your SEO on your site.

9 – Revenue traffic

Do not be afraid to use paid traffic. If done correctly, paid advertising can lead to a good ROI and you can earn money appropriately. Almost every social network has its own advertising platform.

Here are some:

Advertisements on Facebook
Advertisements on Twitter
Advertisements on Pinterest

10 – Recycle your old articles

One of the most effective strategies to get lots of traffic on each article you write is to re-propose this on other sites. You’re just changing the format.

Here’s what you can do:

Transforming an article in PDF (to give to your readers)
Create Slideshare
Transforming slideshare Video
Transforming a video podcast
Réécrireun section into a section called
These steps above do not take much time, but the traffic you can get with may be worth it.

Executive Summary

You do not have to be a professional SEO, you can still get there. Just be consistent and regular. It may take several hours or even days to write a guest article, submit content to third party sites or create social metadata in your blog. Just give a try now and get started!

Believe me, your time is not wasted. You will have better exposure, increase your blog traffic. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this topic in comments and do like this post too!

Try it, it works pretty good. Cheers 😀

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