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I bought an iPhone 13 in 2022 instead of an Android smartphone. Don’t repeat my mistakes


Not so long ago, I purchased an iPhone 13 to replace the iPhone SE 2020: more precisely, I ordered it for the sake of experiment, but closer to receiving delivery, I realized that I was stupid. This thought came to me not immediately, but by the time Apple removed VKontakte from the app store – it was at that moment that it seemed that the situation was rather difficult and soon there would be nothing left in the App Store, and the iPhone would really turn into a brick. The way out of this situation could be to purchase an Android smartphone, namely the Google Pixel 6. It seems that I bought an iPhone in 2022 in vain – everything is utterly simple.

Contactless payment on Android

The first thing that confused me after transferring data from an old iPhone to a new one was Apple Pay. More precisely, what was left of him. I don’t know about you, but I still use it – I keep discount cards there to show at the supermarket checkout. I’m already used to the fact that you can’t pay with an iPhone , but there is still at least some benefit from double-clicking the Home button. In addition, boarding passes for flights can be stored there – in general, even a dead Apple Pay will come in handy on the farm.
Only bad luck: in order for it to work on the new iPhone, you need to add at least one payment card, which cannot be done in Russia. You can, of course, create a backup in iTunes , encrypt it along with all the data and restore it, but this is clearly not what you expect from a smartphone for almost 60 thousand rubles. Instead, I had to add Wallet to the Control Center – a crutch, but what can you do.

There is nothing to tell about Android: contactless payment with a smartphone works using Russian analogues , all discount cards can also be stored on your phone. The habit of automatically buying iPhone for iPhone let me down: I was wildly stupid when I ordered the iPhone 13 instead of the Google Pixel 6.

iOS vs Android

If earlier the two operating systems had serious differences, now they are gone: iOS 16 and Android 13 are like two drops of water . And also take into account the fact that the craftsmen quickly ported Dynamic Island to Android and even the iOS 16 lock screen – there is no serious difference, it turns out! But right now, the Google Pixel has the distinct advantage of having pure Android on board with no add-ons — the best option after iOS in my opinion.

Additional benefits are the installation of any applications from other available sources directly from your smartphone. On the iPhone, of course, you can restore all programs using iMazing , but if something is missing, then you will have to suffer. A couple of weeks ago, I restored Sberbank from iPhone to iPad in this way – the mobile version for iPhone is displayed only in the middle of the screen. With Apple technology in 2022, you have to suffer, so you need to be prepared for this in advance.

Why Google Pixel is better than iPhone

The smartphone from Google probably has the best camera among all the devices on the market – at least, this can be heard from many users. Personally, I am delighted with the camera of the regular Pixel 6, since in principle I am not a fan of mobile photography, but at least once in my life I would not refuse to take pictures with the famous camera from Google.

True, I would still choose Pixel 6 Pro purely because of the waterfall display: perhaps this is wildness in 2022, but it is bent at the edges quite a bit, and you don’t touch the edges at all in the case. In my opinion, the regular Pixel 6 looks ancient because of the bezels around the display and the front panel looks like some average Android smartphone.


In addition, the “firmware” has more RAM (although I myself don’t know what to do with 12 GB, let it be) and an 11-megapixel front camera – it will certainly come in handy for video calls. Add to this the 120 Hz display, which my colleague, 

In any case, when you pay 47,000 rubles for a Google Pixel 6 Pro, you understand what you are paying for – for the feeling of novelty that the iPhone lacks so much: well, unpacked, a little happy for one day and that’s it – then it just turns into “one of”. A smartphone from Google would be interesting to study, set up, and perhaps suffer with something.


Oh yes, the most important thing is the Google Tensor processor. But it is weaker than Apple Silicon, at the level of Snapdragon two years ago – bloggers even talk about this in their reviews. But no one takes into account the fact that there is enough power here and now, and a smartphone is usually used for no more than two years – I am just one of those users.

In general, I greatly regretted that I did not cancel the damn delivery of the iPhone from Juma: now I understand even more that I should have bought a Pixel 6. If you plan to change your iPhone, be sure to think about it so as not to repeat my mistakes!

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