How Useful Is Spyware On Android Phone For An Employer?

If you’re an employer looking after a team of 15 odd employees, chances are you can use all the help in the world. But your business is new and you can’t really afford to hire a lot of managers and give them a fat paycheck. You can’t even invest in those fancy new surveillance systems that lets you Big Brother them all the time. But what if I told you that you don’t need all those camera systems for all your Big Brother needs? What if all you needed was a simple app?

Spyware On Android

Spyware On Android

Why a Mobile App?

The reason is simple enough. The one way you can reach through to all your employees at the same time is through their phones. Phones that you have provided for office work. So if you install the right spy app in all of them, you’d be able monitor their behavior during office hours. Spyware on Android phone is thus your answer. An app like XNSPY basically becomes your assistant manager because it gives you all the information on your employee’s activities without you having to physically manage them all the time. Management by walking around is good. Management by breathing down necks is not.

How Does XNSpy Work?

The way this app works is that you install the app on the phone before you hand it to your employee. After that, all their activities are tracked. All the data is collected from their phones and uploaded in real time onto an online Control Panel. Only you have access to this Control Panel. Here, you can view all sorts of information that the app has collected for you. This includes:

  • Their real time GPS location
  • Their emails and Gmail
  • Their WhatsApp messages
  • Other chats from different messengers
  • Their photos
  • Their list of installed apps

You can also record their phone calls and view their call logs to see who they have been in touch with and what they have been talking about.

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Does this Help?

Of course it helps! It lets you be more informed about what is going on in and around your workplace. It helps you in making the right decisions with the right people. It tells you which of your employees are most ethical and which of them do the most work. It can also give you deeper details, such as telling you which of your employees is disengaged, which are unhappy, and which are looking to switch their jobs. At the end of the day, you—the employer—have all the right knowledge to make choices that are best for both your company, and the people that work with you. So get a spyware on Android phone for all your staff. If you want to learn more about how XNSpy works, you can visit their website and look at their list of features.

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