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How to use your iPhone in the cold


Surely you at least once had to use iPhone in the cold . And I’m not talking about a modest minus five. And, for example, at -25 or, even worse, -30, which this week overtook a significant part of our country. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely abandon the use of a smartphone on the street, even in extreme cold. After all, an important message or a call can overtake you on the way home or, conversely, to work. And you can’t leave them unanswered.

Since I am a Siberian with almost thirty years of experience, I have a lot of experience in fighting the cold and saving phones from hypothermia. We tell you where to wear an iPhone in cold weather , how best to use it and what to do if the smartphone suddenly turns off.

How to wear an iPhone in winter

In general , you can not use the iPhone in the cold . On its official website, Apple reports the following information:

iPhone is designed to be used at temperatures between 0°C and 35°C and stored at temperatures between -20°C and 45°C. If stored or used outside this temperature range, iPhone may be damaged and battery life may be shortened.

As you can see, you should not even store an Apple smartphone at temperatures below -20 degrees. But you can’t just get from home to work and vice versa. Your smartphone will still be with you. And so that there are no problems with its hypothermia, it should be properly stored at the

As practice has shown, the safest way to carry a smartphone in winter is in the pockets of jeans or other pants. Due to the fact that they are closest to the body, there are practically no problems with hypothermia. At the same time, I recommend turning the smartphone with the screen towards the leg. The back panel is in any case protected by a cover, and it does not cool down as quickly as the screen.

The second most convenient and safe place to store an iPhone in winter is the inside pocket of a jacket. Due to the fact that I prefer loose jackets, the smartphone in my inner pocket cools down a bit. He certainly does not get cold, but it feels colder than we would like. I do not advise you to carry smartphones in bags, backpacks and outer jacket pockets. It is there that they cool the fastest and can easily turn off.

iPhone in the cold

If we talk about using an iPhone in the cold , then, of course, it’s better not to do this. Surely you have already seen what happens to the screen of any smartphone in low temperatures. All animations take place with a clear jelly effect, and its response speed and sensitivity are significantly reduced. But this is not the saddest thing. In such a situation, the smartphone can easily turn off. Moreover, as practice has shown, Android smartphones are much less affected by this problem than the iPhone. Therefore, here are a couple of simple tips that will help keep your  smartphone working in the cold :

  • Try not to type text messages to reduce the time your iPhone is out of a warm pocket.
  • Use voice messages or calls. So you can quickly answer the interlocutor and solve the right question.
  • If you are calling someone, then hide the smartphone partially under the hat. This will allow it to cool down not so quickly.
  • Remember that if you hold the phone in a hand that is wearing a glove, then it will cool down faster. Therefore, I advise you to remove it. But here we must understand that the hand can also freeze very quickly in the cold.
  • Try not to rummage through social networks and other applications on the street without a real need.
  • Thanks to these simple tips, you will be able to answer an important message or call, while maintaining the performance of your iPhone. And you don’t need any dancing with a tambourine to bring it to life.

    iPhone turns off in the cold

    But what if the phone still turned off in the cold? The most correct option is to come home or to a warm room, wait until the smartphone case heats up, and only then try to turn it on. Most likely, this will be enough. But if the iPhone does not turn on and shows a low battery, then just connect it to the charger. Moreover, when the smartphone turns on, the charge level will be the same or slightly lower than at the time of shutdown.

Do not connect a cold smartphone to charging. This may adversely affect battery life. In general, I recommend checking the battery capacity in the “Battery Status” section and if it is 85% or less, then replace it at a service center. Then you are more likely not to face the problem of turning off the iPhone in the cold .

But there are situations when there is no socket or external battery at hand, and the smartphone is turned off. In this case, you need to make an urgent call or answer a message. I had such a situation when it was -34 outside, and the smartphone died for a long time, when I urgently needed to call a taxi. Do not try to warm it up in mittens. The most real and effective way is to remove the case, take the iPhone in your hand and hide it under your armpit. A few minutes – and the smartphone can be tried to turn on. In that situation, I managed to start my iPhone 6 Plus . If you find yourself in the same situation, then a little patience, a little effort – and you will also revive your device.

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