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How to use Shazam on a computer


Shazam but it is certainly the most popular. Demanded and removable. I know this from myself, because dozens, if not hundreds of times I downloaded Shazam to my phone, and then, having found the desired song, deleted it for several months. At such moments, I really regretted that there is simply no web version that you can run in a browser and not download anything.

Apple today released a web version of Shazam that runs in a browser. It can be run both on a mobile device without an application, and on a computer. But if for the iPhone and iPad this is completely irrelevant, because with the release of iOS 14.2 they acquired a built-in Shazam, which allows you to recognize songs by pressing a button in the Control Center, then users of devices based on desktop platforms may find the web version of the service very very handy.

How to run Shazam on a computer

Shazam’s web version is no more complicated than a mobile application:

  • Launch your browser and go to ;
  • Allow the site to access the microphone for recognition;
  • Place the device near the sound source and press the “Shazam” button;
  • Wait for recognition and see the result.

After successful recognition, a page will automatically open in front of you with the name of the song and the name of the artist, a YouTube video clip, if any, and text – in case you want to listen and sing along. Right next to it there is a button for subscribing to Apple Music . Obviously, it is aimed at new users, not old ones, because Apple offers 3 months of free subscription, which are only available to those who have never subscribed to the company’s music service.

The web version of Shazam is still in beta testing, which Apple warns about with a small bar with the signature “Beta” at the bottom of the site. This is a kind of excuse from the company for the possible inconvenience users may experience while working with the service site. I did not notice any critical shortcomings, but in the Chrome browser on Android, the layout looks somewhat confusing. However, I admit that Apple did not have a goal at all to adapt the web version of Shazam particularly well for a competing platform.

How do I know this? Because the web version of Shazam doesn’t work on Android. Try to open the service website from a smartphone based on the OS from Google and you will see that although it opens, it does not have a sound recognition button. Instead, the screen is taken up by a large clickable button leading to the Shazam page on Google Play. That is, Apple believes that only computer owners will want to use the web version of its music recognition service, but not Android users. In my opinion, this is rather strange, because I would prefer the site to the application.

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