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How to understand that you need to change the battery on the iPad


The iPad is an amazing gadget. As planned by Apple, it was supposed to replace our laptops and smartphones at the same time, but in reality, nothing like this happened in 2023. Cupertino themselves do not know what to do with them , but users continue to buy them, albeit not with such enthusiasm as before. At the same time, the Apple tablet is similar to the iPhone not only in its appearance, but also in its characteristics and, to be honest, its operating system. This means that the iPad also needs to change the battery after a while. But not everything is so simple.

The fact is that Apple did not provide tablets with a “Battery Status” item so that you can find out the wear and tear of the iPad battery and replace it if necessary. But this does not mean that it cannot be done: here are a few signs by which you can understand this.

How to Check Battery Status on iPad

Just because the iPad doesn’t show battery capacity doesn’t mean it can’t be found out by other methods. The easiest one is to use the good old iMazing, which helps us get banking apps back on iPhones . Now I will explain everything.

  • Download iMazing from this link and install it on your computer.
  • Plug in your iPad, unlock it, and click Trust This Computer.
  • On the left, select your device and click on the “i” button at the bottom right.
  • In the list, find “Maximum effective charge”, next to which the maximum battery capacity in mAh and percentage will be displayed.

On macOS, this is even easier: just download the coconutBattery utility , then go into it and click on the tab with the device. In it, pay attention to the Full Charge Capacity and Design Capacity parameters – these are the current maximum capacity and the default battery capacity, respectively. By comparing them, you will understand what battery wear on the iPad is equal to.

Although the battery capacity of an iPad is noticeably larger than that of an iPhone, it is also worth changing it when it drops to 80%. You should not check it often – you will notice this by other characteristic signs, which we will discuss below.

Why does the iPad slow down

The iPad was supposed to be replaced by PC users, but in fact this did not happen. Check out the bloggers on YouTube who most often mention that Apple’s tablet is more about watching content, not about work. In a pinch, it’s suitable for gaming . So, he obviously does not experience high loads, especially since there are simply no such energy-intensive applications in the App Store for him, not counting video editors.

If the iPad started to slow down , then the problem is clearly not in the processor: it probably already does not have enough RAM . But if there are only a few applications open in the background, the battery most likely needs to be replaced, since the tablet cannot withstand the critical loads that periodically occur even when watching videos in high quality.

iPad overheats and drains quickly – what to do

What I personally like about the iPad is its cool aluminum panel. However, now the tablet began to warm up more often, which is associated with watching videos on the Internet in high quality. Also, the iPad gets hot in high-performance games or while charging, but this is quite normal. But if the tablet started to warm up on its own while you are using the messenger, scrolling through web pages or typing something in a text editor, this is a reason to think about replacing the battery on the iPad . Even worse, if this happens even without a cover.

More importantly, the iPad drains very slowly . This is due to the powerful battery (over 7000 mAh), as well as due to the lack of a communication module in most models. That is, if you turn off Wi-Fi on your tablet and go on vacation for a couple of weeks, after returning you will see that it is still working.

You can view the iPad discharge graph in Settings by going to the “Battery” item. The graph will show that the tablet only occasionally consumes energy in the background, and there is almost no activity. But if a full battery has evaporated in a couple of weeks, that means the iPad’s battery is nearing the end of its life – it’s time to change the battery before it swells up.

Where to change battery on iPad

But there’s good news: for all of the iPad’s shortcomings, it’s one of Apple’s most reliable gadgets. It is difficult to break, break or disable. The same applies to its battery: due to the increased capacity and, accordingly, a shorter recharge cycle, the battery lasts for 3-4 years, or even longer, depending on how often you use it. For example, the battery capacity of the iPhone is declining by 7-10% per year, while that of the iPad fluctuates around 5%. Take a look at the screenshot at the beginning of the article: my tablet is almost a year old, and the indicator is only 2% down.

And this is no accident: external conditions, such as the absence of temperature changes, also help to last longer before replacing the iPad battery. Many use the tablet exclusively at home or in the office, while the iPhone is always with us – even in the bitter cold. Add to this even loads: you rarely meet a person who uses an iPad all day long.

But if you are an active user and noticed that the iPad began to discharge faster than usual, warm up or suddenly turn off, then you still better visit a service center. Considering the situation with Apple’sThe guys will change the battery in the iPad very quickly while you are drinking coffee or having lunch. The cost of repairs will pleasantly surprise you: for example, replacing the battery in the iPad 9 will cost only 250$. Not bad, isn’t it?

That is, after the repair, you will actually have a new iPad in your hands, which you can use for a few more years thanks to the performance margin. In my opinion, this is a chic option instead of buying the current model, especially since there is nothing radically new in them now.


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