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How to turn on iPhone charging notification up to 80%


To always know on time that the battery is up to 80% charged, you can set up automation on your iPhone (or iPad, depending on what you use). This is a function of the “Quick Commands” application that allows you to activate an alert when a certain event occurs. In our case, this event is charging. As a result, when the battery is saturated to the set level, a special mechanism is triggered and the smartphone notifies you of the need to disconnect it from the outlet. Profit!

How to set up automation on iOS

  • Download the Quick Commands app from the App Store ;
  • Launch “Quick Commands” and go to the “Automation” section;
  • Click “+” and select “Create automation for yourself”;
  • In the window that opens, select “Charge level”;
  • Set the slider to the desired mark and click “Next”;
  • Click “Add Action” – “Say” and write the text: “The battery is charged to 80%”;
  • Disable the Ask Before Launch option and click Finish.


Please note that you can set a voice alert when your iPhone reaches any charge level in 5% increments. It doesn’t matter if you need notification of a drop or a rise in the battery. Thus, you can create two automation, one of which will report charging up to 80%, and the other – discharging up to 20%. This will allow you to conveniently monitor the charge levels of your smartphone or tablet, without peering at the screen every 5 minutes in fear of missing a fall or exceeding the permissible limits.

iPhone Charging Notification

It is very important to strictly follow the instructions for creating automation, performing all the points in the form in which they are described above. For example, without disabling the “Ask before launch” option, you will not be able to use automation to the fullest, because each time the iPhone will ask for permission to activate it. As a result, firstly, its work will be more semi-automatic, and, secondly, you can skip everything altogether if you are passionate about something else.

I understand perfectly well that many people put their iPhones on charge all night and hardly want to wake up from the creepy voice of the Russian Siri, notifying about charging. In this case, the Do Not Disturb mode is useful. Set up its automatic activation at a certain time, and it will muffle notifications itself, regardless of the application that sends it. True, by doing this, you risk missing the moment when the battery reaches the level you need. And if so, what was it all for?

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