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How to speed up your Mac. You will be surprised how easy it is.


Many MacBook and desktop users from Apple appreciate that they start up almost instantly. And at first, it really is. Just remember that cool feeling when you just open the lid of your MacBook and the desktop is already in front of your eyes and the computer is ready to use. With all due respect to Microsoft, Windows still can’t do that. Although my laptop is not slow, it still starts up differently than a MacBook.

But over time, this effect wears off. The more third-party applications you install, the more the autorun list sometimes gets clogged, which immediately slows down the computer from turning on. We talk about all the ways how you can clean autorun on Mac and significantly speed up the login process.

How to turn off Mac

Like any computer, it is not recommended to keep the Mac constantly in sleep mode and it is worth rebooting periodically. At the same time, some users prefer to turn off the Mac completely , as they do not use it regularly and thus try to reduce its power consumption. To make the computer turn o

  • Click on the Apple logo in the top left corner.
  • Select “Disable”.
  • In the window that appears, uncheck “Reopen windows when I log in again”.

Thanks to this, no application, except for those that are in the autorun list, will be launched. Sometimes users keep a large number of programs active before rebooting, and restarting with a tick can be delayed, as the system will return all applications to you in the form in which they were before the reboot.

Mac OS autostart

But the correct shutdown is only half the trouble. Be sure to configure and all autorun. And it would be nice on the Mac, he was only in one place. The easiest way to do this is through the system settings. This is done as follows:

  • Open System Preferences on your Mac.
  • On older versions, go to the Users and Groups section or the General section in macOS Ventura.
  • Select “Login Items”.
  • If possible, remove all applications that are there from the list.

Unfortunately, this is not the only place where autostart applications are activated from . Each program that is in the dock has a context menu called by right-clicking the mouse. In this place, the item “Open at login” is activated. It has nothing to do with the autorun section in the settings, therefore, in some situations, when installing the program, this mark is automatically put in the dock. Therefore, even if after clearing the autorun list in the system settings, programs from the dock continue to open themselves, do the following:

  • Right-click on any application in the dock.
  • Hover over the “Settings” line.
  • If the item “Open at login” is checked, then click on it again to uncheck it.

To make sure that no applications in the dock are left with an activated launch at login, I recommend that you review the settings for each of them. So you can even more speed up the inclusion of the Mac .

Delete Mac OS File

As it turned out, this is not all the places where applications can store or scripts for automatic inclusion. Some developers, knowing how users can disable the autorun of their program, place special scripts in the LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons folders during installation, which are activated after rebooting or turning on the computer.

Therefore, in order to finally get rid of all the applications that turn on on their own, you should also clean these two folders. On the one hand, you should not delete everything thoughtlessly from there, but on the other hand, during the initial activation of the system, they are empty, and everything that is stored there was added by third-party applications. Therefore, you can clean them. I recommend doing it like this:

  • Open Finder and go to the Libraries section.
  • Locate the LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons folders and save all their contents to some other folder, such as your desktop.
  • Remove files associated with applications that continue to automatically start despite all previous actions.

If necessary, you can completely clear their contents. If you suddenly have problems with enabling applications, then simply return the deleted files to the folder from which you removed them. Thus, you will solve all the problems with automatic startup and significantly speed up the turning on of your computer. As for using autoplay, I don’t recommend adding applications there unless it’s really necessary. As for me, it’s easier to run them manually. This will definitely make it easier on the computer.

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