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How to set up location on iPhone


Geolocation on the iPhone is one of the features that users both love and hate at the same time. On the one hand, GPS in a smartphone helps to quickly determine the location or build a route while moving. On the other hand, geolocation lands iPhone faster , and applications begin to fix your location, which is why many begin to fear surveillance. However, the work of the lion’s share of applications without geolocation is impossible. How to be? I propose to figure out how to properly set up GPS in iPhone , whether it needs to be turned off and whether it can be done quickly without going into the settings.

Location settings on iPhone

If you go to Geolocation settings on iPhone , you can find a lot of options. You can set its use both in separate programs and during system operation. If we are talking about geolocation in applications, then there are several options for permissions.

  • Never – The app will never have access to geolocation.
  • Ask next time or when I post – By default, the location will not be available, but if you want to use it, the application will ask for permission.
  • When using the application – the program will use the location determination only while it is running. If the application is closed, it will not

Some specific apps may use the iPhone’s location all the time to update information more accurately and more frequently, but personally I would recommend setting “When Using an App or Widget”. This is how the location on the iPhone will be determined when the screen with the Weather widget is open. By the way, in our article we have analyzed in detail how this application works in iOS 16 – don’t forget to read it!

Why is the location icon on my iPhone

Many users notice that even if there are no running applications on the iPhone, the geolocation icon is still on at the top of the screen . Do not worry: this is due to the work of system services. Let’s take a look at which geolocation settings can be disabled .

  • Geo -suggestions and geo -warnings – can be disabled. The first is responsible for advertising offers (like notifications about reviews from Yandex.Maps), the second is for the operation of quick commands or Location-based Focusing.
  • Identification of the Apple Pay seller – determines the location when paying with an iPhone. In Russia, you can safely turn off.
  • Compass calibration and motion accounting are two items that can be left enabled. The first is responsible for the operation of navigation applications, the second is for more accurate counting of steps during training.
  • System settings – geolocation for optimized charging, design colors and other small functions. If you don’t use it, you can safely disable it.
  • Cellular search exists for statistics as it allows carriers to collect location data. Better turn it off.
  • Emergency calls and SOS – needed to determine the location in emergency situations. Can be disabled.
  • HomeKit, “Important Locations”, as well as all the sliders in the “Product Improvement” column can also be turned off – they are not of much use. Now you only have important geolocation settings enabled.

But if suddenly geolocation is constantly on iPhone , just turn off the “Icon in the status menu”: the fact is that sometimes it is displayed there all the time. At the same time, applications that used GPS have long been closed.

How to quickly disable geolocation on iPhone

To turn off geolocation, you have to go far into the settings: unfortunately, there is no switch even in the control center, like on other platforms. This is a rather complicated way, so no one uses it, leaving the GPS on. But you can quickly turn off location on iPhone .’

  • Follow the link and download the quick command.
  • Then open it and click Add.
  • Now hold the shortcut tile, tap Add, and then tap Go to Home Screen.

Now, when you click on the icon, you will instantly open the settings, where you can turn off geolocation completely !

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