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How to send photos without losing quality on iOS


Have you ever had to send photos from your iPhone? Most likely, yes, which means you are faced with the problem of loss of quality during shipment. As a result, a clear and contrasting image is overgrown with artifacts that simply do not allow us to appreciate its original beauty. Some developers are struggling with this phenomenon by embedding in their applications a tool to send an image as a file, which allows you to maintain the original quality. But what if there is no such function in the application you need?

This is another instruction from the cycle dedicated to automating daily processes with the help of “Quick Commands”. This is Apple’s own application that allows you to create scripts (and use ready-made ones) that provide the ability to perform the necessary actions in just a couple of touches. Just add the appropriate command, endowed with the functions you need, and working with iOS will be simplified many times.

How to send images in original quality

  • Install the “Quick Commands” application ( download from the App Store );
  • Load command AttachmentsHD
  • Mark on your iPhone or iPad the images you want to send without losing quality and click Share;
    • In the drop-down box, select “Quick Commands”;
    • Name the file you want to share and select the application through which it will be sent.

    Although the images are archived and sent as a folder with the .zip extension, iOS, not to mention Android and Windows, you can unzip it using standard tools and extract the file to view it or, if necessary, save it. The main thing to remember is that the AttachmentsHD command does not work by itself. Therefore, in order to send an image without losing quality, it will not be possible to immediately use it, but you will have to strictly adhere to the instructions above.


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