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How to save tabs in Safari after closing


I hate keeping more than 5-10 tabs open in Safari. Firstly, it becomes difficult for me to navigate between them, secondly, they load my MacBook Air more, and it starts to make noise and discharges faster, and, thirdly, it is physically impossible to interact with two or three dozen web pages at the same time. However, it happens that in order to understand the topic, much more information is clearly needed. Then you are forced to open new tabs. But you can’t close the old ones that are still needed. So what do you do?

In fact, there are several options for how to act in such a situation:

The first thing that comes to mind is to open tabs in different windows. It’s very easy to do: just click on the link and choose “Open in new window”. In principle, it is simple and seems to be even convenient, but this does not reduce the load on the computer, which is not very good if you have a laptop.

The second option is to set up automatic tab recovery after starting the browser. But, to my taste, this is a very specific mechanism, since it cannot work for a long time, and, to be honest, it does not work at your command, but in its own way. As a result, it becomes not very convenient to use such a thing.

The third option is to pin tabs. This is an even more dubious option, but nevertheless working. Pinning is done by pressing with two fingers on the tab and selecting the “Pin” option, or in newer OS versions – by dragging to the left.

How to open closed tabs in Safari

Well, and the fourth option is the one I want to tell you about today. It consists of using a special extension for Safari, which allows you to save tabs, group them, and then makes it possible to open them when you need them, regardless of the work of the standard browser mechanisms.

  • Download the Session Pal app from the Mac App Store;
  • Install it and open the extensions tab;
  • Enable the Session Pal extension by checking the box;
  • Go to Safari and open the tabs you want to keep;
  • Click on the new dropdown menu and select Save Session.

This action will save all the tabs that were open at the time the button was pressed. But this will not close them automatically, which, in my opinion, is not very convenient (hopefully the developers will add this feature in future updates). Therefore, if you no longer need the saved tabs, you can close them, but only manually.

How to get closed tabs back in Safari

All tabs are grouped into folders, which, unfortunately, are also not marked in any way. Therefore, using the extension to save web pages for a very long time is likely to be inconvenient. The fact is that it will be important to remember what these tabs are and why you saved them since for some reason it is impossible to name the collections or designate at least the date of saving. However, the very fact that they persist is already good.

But Session Pal allows you not only to save tabs, but also export and import them. That is, if you saved some kind of web page in .json format on your Mac, you can select the import button in the extension window and load it there for further use. Similarly, you can download the desired web page, so that later, for example, use it on another device or in another browser.

In general, the ability to save tabs, implemented in Session Pal, is very good in that it allows you to at least partially automate the process of storing and later using them, and also does not load the computer, as if you were keeping them open, but in different windows. Therefore, I am ready to forgive the expansion for all the shortcomings from which it suffers, and leave it purely in reserve – it will come in handy.


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