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How to replace the standard calculator on the iPhone?


Every day we manually select for you the best offers from the App Store, which are free or distributed at a great discount. Every day, new and better applications for your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Today, a calculator that can give a head start to a standard application, and a couple more cool programs (even a simulator of some) got into the selection. If you want to see all the applications at a discount, at the end of the article you will find a link to our telegram channel with discounts. For many applications, the discount is only valid for a few hours, so it’s better not to waste time.

When the standard calculator is small: CALC Swift

An advanced and functional alternative to the standard calculator will come to the rescue in case of complex calculations. Do not miss the opportunity to download while distributing for free.

Name: CALC Swift
Price: Free (149 rubles)
Compatibility: Universal application In-app
purchases: Yes
Link: Install

Unique Puzzle: Blyss

Blyss is a special correctional puzzle system designed to calm your senses and test your psychic abilities. It presents unique and self-developing puzzles that you can go through as long as you can pass.

Name: Blyss
Price: 29 rub. (229 rub.)
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install

Who wanted to become a goat there? Goat Simulator PAYDAY

The cult simulator of a horned artiodactyl survived another evolution and has grown to a version that can safely be called the “goat” version of GTA. Sow chaos in the city and new characters will help you with this: a flying flamingo, a dolphin on a gurney and a spitting camel.

Name: Goat Simulator PAYDAY
Price: 299 rub. (529 rub)
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install


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