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How to record circles in Telegram on iPhone


Telegram has long overtaken most other messengers in terms of its capabilities. This can be very easily determined by the fact that individual functions first appear in the Cart, and only then are copied, and then with certain restrictions, to other messengers. Telegram on all platforms has a very convenient way to communicate – video messages in the form of circles. They are recorded just as conveniently as regular voice recordings. Only you can also quickly capture either yourself or what is happening around you.

But, as it turned out, not all users know how to activate them. At first, I myself could not understand why in the chat interface I either have a button to record a circle and then disappear. In this article, we tell you how to properly record, edit and apply background blur to circles in Telegram.

How to record a circle in Telegram

If you have been using Telegram for a long time, then you know that by default, instead of recording circles in any chat, a button for activating a voice message is displayed. It is enough to hold it down and start talking or move it up to record a long voice. But this button has another function. It hides the activation of video messages:

  • Open any chat in Telegram;
  • Tap the microphone once next to the message field to switch to recording circles .

The microphone will be replaced by a small square with a circle in the middle. From afar, it resembles a camera. Now this icon will be displayed permanently in every chat until you switch it back to recording voice messages in the same way. When I found out about this feature, I thought that it was implemented very inconveniently. But over time, the practice has shown that everything is exactly the opposite. I basically do not use voice messages, and such a switch came in handy. Activated the circles – and you don’t know the problems.

Telegram – video in a circle

But shooting circles also has its own tricks that can be very useful to you. Firstly, you must understand that if you provided Telegram access to the microphone, and you probably provided it, then all the circles, regardless of your desire, will be recorded with sound. And if you just disable this access, then you will not be able to record circles in Telegram. When you try to start recording, the application will constantly swear that it needs access to the microphone, and nothing will happen.

Therefore, if it is important for you that you only see what is happening, but at the same time you do not hear the sounds in the background, then the circles are definitely not for you. We’ll have to use the usual video. If you agree with this restriction, then you can proceed directly to shooting:

  • Open the chat in which you want to record a circle;
  • If necessary, switch to video messages as instructed above;
  • Hold down the record button and hold it until you finish recording;
  • If you plan to shoot for a long time, then I recommend swiping up to fix the recording so that you do not have to hold the button;
  • In a situation where you are completely satisfied with the received video, you can immediately click on the send button in the lower right corner;
  • If you need to edit the captured video, click on the square, and the shooting will stop.

There are few editing options here, to put it mildly. You can trim the received video both from the beginning and from the end, or delete it altogether. There are no additional effects here. In addition, during shooting, you can switch between the main and front cameras. Please note that the circles in the TG can be removed for a maximum of 60 seconds. Therefore, lengthy monologues will have to be saved for voices or divided into several video messages.

How to blur video

Still, a small effect on the video in circles can be added. Most modern iPhones are able to take portrait shots on the front camera. So, you can activate a neat background blur here. True, this is not entirely obvious, but nevertheless it works very well:

  • Open a chat in Telegram in which you want to record a video message;
  • Start recording and fix shooting;
  • Expand the swipe control from the upper right corner down;
  • Hold your finger on the “Video” button to open an additional menu;
  • Activate the portrait and return to Telegram;
  • Click on the square to stop recording and delete the resulting circle;
  • Start recording again and you will see that it will be done with background blur.

After you activate the portrait mode, it will automatically turn on every time you start recording a circle in Telegram. Therefore, if at some point you realize that you do not need this effect, then turn it off in the same way as you turned it on. In general, if voice messages didn’t come to me in any messenger, then I use circles regularly. Telegram came up with a great way to communicate, and I really liked it.

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