How To Mount An ISO File In Mac OS X

If you are a (new) Mac user, you might be wondering how to mount an ISO file. In comparaison to Window’s operating system, you do not require installing any software on Mac to mount an ISO file. You simply need to double click on it. If for some reasons, this does not work there is some other way using Mac’s built-in Disk Utility or with a command line in the Terminal.

Mount An ISO File with the Disk Utility

Go to /Applications/Utilities directory and open Disk Utility. Click on the menu and navigate down to “Open Image File”. You then need to select your ISA file. You will see the ISO mounted on the Mac OS desktop.

Mount An ISO File Using Command Line

Using the Command Line in the Terminal

Open the Terminal and type the following command line:

hdiutil mount yourimage.iso

where “yourimage” is the image you’re willing to mount. After completion, the ISA will appear mounted on your Mac OS X desktop. There you go! You learned how to mount an ISO image file in Mac OS X. Cheers! 😉

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