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How to make a partial copy of the iPhone and create a ringtone in one application


Starting this year, Apple will stop supporting iTunes in the usual way for us – the company believes that in the era of wireless technology and the “clouds”, a full-fledged tool for transferring data from iPhone to the computer (and vice versa) simply is not needed via a wire. There is some truth, of course, in this, but there are situations when it is easier to perform certain tasks with the help of a cable.

For example, if you have run out of space in iCloud, and you want to quickly transfer all data from iPhone to computer; or just make a backup so as not to pay for extra gigabytes in the “cloud”, which you can’t tell you that you really need it. Or you want to make a ringtone from your favorite track yourself. In the new version of the AnyTrans 8 application, these and many other functions are available, and from each stage, you are no more than 1-2 clicks away (which is much easier than in iTunes).

To create a backup, just download the iPhone Manager and go to the corresponding section of the AnyTrans – Backup Manager application. Here you can choose from three actions – a full backup, partial or restore an iPhone from an existing backup.

You can also set up copying “over the air”. The first time you need to connect your iPhone to a computer, in the future a backup will be created automatically if both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

The functionality of the backup partition is not limited to this. So, you can configure the delayed backup creation – for example, after three days.

If a full backup is not required, you can always save the most important files. To do this, we move to the next section of the application (Device Manager) and go to the list of categories – audio, video, photos, contacts, and so on.

Everything is made so simple that to move files just drag them to a computer or just download. This applies not only to photos and audio but even messages. In the same way, on the contrary, you can transfer data from a computer to an iPhone.

The Phone Switcher section allows you to transfer information between two iPhones. We connect two iPhones to the computer and wait for a little while the application analyzes the information on each of them. At the next stage, we choose which devices to combine.

The process of unification will begin, which will take from a couple of minutes to an hour – depending on how much information you want to transfer. As a result, we get one iPhone, which collected information from two smartphones at once, while no data is lost. With AnyTrans, you can not only combine the two devices but also clone one of them to the other, with a complete replacement of the information on the latter.

The name “Ringtone Manager” speaks for itself – this section of the application is used to create a ringtone for iPhone from any ringtone. You can choose to download an audio file from a computer, iTunes library, Internet resource (you can simply insert the link) or the iPhone itself. It is enough to drag your favorite track into the program window, after which the ringtone editing tool will be available to you – you can shorten it as you like. After that, save the ringtone to your computer or send it immediately to your iPhone if your smartphone is connected.

In the new version, AnyTrans really got a massive update. The updated interface has become even easier to understand while retaining the main advantages: ease of use, high speed, built-in tool for downloading applications, ringtone manager and home screen.

The application is useful and multifunctional, worth the money spent. However, you can get by with the free version, though not all functions will be available. You can download it for both Mac and Windows from the link below.

Name: AnyTrans 8
Publisher / Developer: iMobie Inc
Price: Free In-app
purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Windows, OS X
Link: Install

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