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How to hide unnecessary icons on Mac


Many Mac owners often want to radically change their desktop. Even someone who tries to keep everything in frequency, sooner or later comes across a dozen (at best) icons (“Where did they come from, damn it, did I delete everything?”). A separate headache is a top panel, where the time, battery charge, and other system icons are shown: it seems that any application considers it its duty to settle there in the form of an additional icon. There are several ways to organize your workspace for Mac, and somewhere you can get by with the built-in system tools.

How to hide icons on the Mac desktop

You don’t need to be a hacker or computer guru to do this – just follow these steps.

  1. Launch Terminal (you can search for Spotlight ).
  2. Enter the following command: defaults write com. apple. finder CreateDesktop false.
  3. Hit Enter.
  4. Enter this command: kill all Finder.
  5. Hit Enter.

And hop is magic! All desktop icons are gone!

You can also do this with third-party apps like HiddenMe and Desktop Icons Hider. In the first case, the application is free, but you will have to make an in-app purchase if you need additional functionality. The second application is distributed for a fee. It hardly makes sense to overpay if you can perform almost the same set of actions using standard operating system tools.

How to hide the top icons in macOS

You can use the Vanilla application to hide program icons. You can download it for free on the official website of the developer.

  1. Install Vanilla by moving the program icon to “Applications”.
  2. We launch the installed utility.
  3. After that, we can edit our top panel to our liking.
  4. Move unnecessary icons using the Command key to the area between the “arrow” and “point”.
  5. After setting, hide the icons by clicking on the “arrow”.

Thus, you can hide not only the icons of third-party applications, but also the system indicators responsible for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, percentage of charge, and so on. Although the program is free to download, some of the features are only offered in the paid version. For example, one of such options as autostarts at system startup. The solution is really convenient if you have dozens of icons in the status bar every day that only distract, but do not help you work.



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