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How to hide message text in Telegram


For several years now, Pavel Durov’s team has been delighting us with their wonderful messenger. Telegram has many advantages over other applications, the main one of which I consider unique features that are not available in WhatsApp and Signal. Telegrams have so many chips that sometimes we don’t even have time to tell you about them until the end, as Pavel announces the next update. That is what happened this time as well. The ability to hide text appeared in the previous update.  . Today we will take a closer look at this and other features that allow you to hide message notifications in Telegram.

How to hide text in Telegram

A new Telegram feature allows you to hide part of your message. This feature is especially useful in chats, where people often talk about movies, books, and other things that can be spoiled for others. In the original, the function is called Spoiler.

Well, just imagine, two of your colleagues are discussing a new Matrix. Would you like to know in advance what the essence of the whole film is there? Personally, I don’t. Behind this feature is needed. No, no doubt, you can find a bunch of other uses, the need for invention is cunning. There is also an option to hide messages in dialogs, so use it everywhere.

To hide part of a message in Telegram , you will need:

  • Go to dialogue or chat.
  • Next, select the desired part of the text.
  • Click on the Hidden button in the pop-up context menu.
  • Make sure the text is animated and then send the message.

Note that the text will be hidden even inside the notification that the second user will receive. There is no way to accidentally read a message on a locked screen. To reveal the hidden part, you just need to click on the animation.

Important : If you accidentally opened a message with a spoiler, you will not be able to quickly hide it back. The only working option is to quickly close the application. Then the animation will return.

How to hide notification text on Android

Many of you probably know that Android has another cool feature that allows you to hide the text of messages in notifications on the lock screen. Why this is necessary, I think everyone understands. Suddenly, someone accidentally takes your smartphone and peeps into any correspondence. Agree, unpleasant? Well, if someone still climbed into the phone, read it, maybe you can still fix it.

To hide messages in Telegram from prying eyes, you will need:

  • Open the Settings app on your smartphone.
  • Go to the Notifications tab.
  • Then go to the section Lock screen, Format.
  • Tap on Hiding notification content.

Now the text of the message that was sent to you will not be displayed on notifications. All you can see is the name of the contact who sent you the message. Please note that the setting applies to all applications on the smartphone. The same will happen with WhatsApp, VK and other programs. I hope it’s not a problem.

Plus, keep in mind that some points in the instructions may differ on different smartphones. In the article, I gave the settings for hiding text in notifications on Xiaomi.

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