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How To Get High PR Quality Do-Follow Backlinks with Automated Backlinks Builder Tool


In the Real life building relationships is key to get success. The more relationships or links you have in your circle, The more popular or famous you will be. Similar is the case for your website.

Link Building Strategies
Link building for a website is getting links to your website from other websites in various forms. The more inbound links your website has, the more authority your website possess. Google considers these links as requirement in SEO strategy. But Building High quality Backlinks is a tideous task, since many people have stopped accepting guest posts on their websites.
This Tool Enables you to Build High Page Rank Quality Backlinks in minutes !

Free Backlink Builder Tool  For Niche Websites Tutorial

  1. Open the link backlink generator tool from your Browser
  2. Type the keyword you are looking to build backlinks in the text box .
  3. If you are building links for a niche blog then you could select any of the category from the option box. If you want only do-follow backlinks then you must select “Comment-Luv” from the category.
  4. Click on the “Go for it” button and a new tab will be opened in your browser.
  5. Click on a link and check for it’s Google page rank first. Install SEO Quake extension for chrome to know the Page rank easily.
  6. Scroll to the end of the post where you can find the comments section and enter your name, email and website address. Write a good comment and click on the comment luv check box. You will see your website’s latest article on the comment and now hit on submit. That’s it.

Link Building Strategies for Niche Websites

  1. If you are on a Event Based Niche Blogging you can use the above Backlink Builder Tool to build high quality do-follow backlinks by blog commenting.
  2. You can use many Web 2.0 directory Websites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Slashdot, which will help your website to get traffic and Page Rank Juice will flow to your website leading to increase in your authority of your site.
  3. If You are Manually Building Backlinks then use Anchor Text with your Main Keyword linking to your site.
  4. The Code Sample for Anchor Text is given below.

If a website is allowing HTML comments then you can type in as <a href=”your-link” rel=”dofollow”>Your-keyword</a>

It is Suggested to Use the above strategies only for Event Based Niche Websites.

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