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How To Find A Good Web Hosting


In the earlier lesson, we learned about how to start a blog. In this lesson, we will learn how to choose a good web hosting and overall information.

What is a Hosting?

Hosting or Web Hosting described as “Hosted”, is the site or server where all information on the website (files, images, voices) are kept.

What do you think of the website?

First of all, we talk about the choice of the hosting, it is important to know what your website is and what it will do for you: a business website, business, school, education, news etc?

You should also know the size of the information you are about to download and the number of visitors to visit the site when it’s famous: Are you planning for a regular post, or you will vote with a vote (the voice needs a volume or large scale).

These issues will help you choose a hosting of good qualities to choose from on the website. It contributes to the success and development of its website.

If Web hosting is bad for you-you will have to move, which requires a lot of work because all the information in the host is transferred to a new host.

Therefore it is important to consider the hosting company on the website.

It is important that the company you rent from the host is a good company, and it is a unique service for hosting websites. First, let’s discuss types of web hosting in detail.

Types of Web Hosting (Web Hosting)

Hosting hosts are divided into several types, depending on their service, the scope of data they can handle, the programs they use and their value, as follows:

Shared Hosting: A shared server, which has a lot of websites or group websites, and is one of the most exciting hosts because the websites team is sharing the cost of service. Although websites are sorted by a drawer, and since the same server is available, it’s possible to slow down or streamline the website without hesitation. An invitation fee for rent can be from $ 2 to $ 10 per month.

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Dedicated Hosting: A unique server for your website that you do not share, no other website addressing that computer’s capabilities (such as acceleration or speed-operated CPU and RAM) and you manage it. This is the most expensive item in the host. It can be rented from $ 50 to $ 200 per month or more.

VPS Hosting: (Virtual Private Server) – A system between two high-end systems, is a way of hosting server sharing from your Virtual Site, but with server power (such as CPU and RAM ) is shared with you. VPS rentable can be $ 10 to $ 140 per month, and it can be higher.

Cloud Hosting: It’s a new system for hosting a server-friendly server, and most of the cost depends on how much information your website uses, which is called “pay-for-money he held your website “. The value is calculated on the amount of money your website uses for $ 500 / month or more.

There are many valet renters that are much more than the above. For example, there is a hosting cost of $ 150,000 to $ 250,000 per year. YES is a RUBUCCOUS dollar per year, and they host WordPress.

Checklist for Checkers Before You Buy Hosting

Once we understand the type of host, the next step is to find out what you are looking for when choosing a host, including:

Disk Space and Bandwidth: the host server for your host has designed your website and the file size of the website. This section is most important when selecting the website host. (See below for more details.)

FTP access:  the easiest way to retrieve computer files to the server for hosting. Therefore ensure that hosting is accepting FTP and FTP accounts. FTP is important when the filesystems, like the sound, are converted to the website.

PHP:  a system for many programs to build on the site, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. Modern invaders are part of PHP, but it’s important to check before you hire. Especially in PHP 5 or more.

MYSQL Database: a database that also organizes the data that uses the website-based websites such as PHP, such as WordPress. It is important that the host agrees that it can be done in many parts of the MySQL database.

Email: It’s important to know exactly how much your host can offer. The email address is

cPanel:  (in abbreviated Control Panel) Offer’s different aspects of the website, such as: to add your email or removing racist, you can change your key (password), management You can access MySQL data, make FTP accounts.

Multiple Domain and Subdomains:   the server-hosting a few websites you have such as your web 2.02, your website3. At the same time accepting that any website can be made available on a site, such as (Observe: One server hosting many websites).

Linux: Type of server or program may be Linux / Unix or Windows. There are many Open-Source programs (Linux) programs such as eCommerce, shopping carts (etc.) and Linux priced compared to Windows.

SSL (https: //):  It is a server-related security system, especially if you’re planning to make your website a business that can be purchased directly for business.

Uptime:  The Time website will be live. For example, guests can say when they say or boast:hosting uptime

  • We are 99% on the line, which means we’ll be missing 3.6 days a year, which is how many days your website is out of the air.
  • 99.9 %, then they are out for 6,91 hours a year,
  • We are online 99.99 %, then they are missing 54.84 minutes a year.

Support:  a hosting service. Find out if their staff are responsive to you if you need your website, 24/7 answer phone, email or live chat. Are they reliable?

  • For example, before deciding on a guest, email the company you want to hire. Then check the response they receive and the response they receive and their service is good. Unless you have chosen to treat you unfairly, your blanket is not right.

Cost: You compare the hosting service and the website’s website and how much it has allocated to you, and it depends on the importance of your website – which is important to balance yourself.

As mentioned above, it is especially important for the Disk Space to allocate your website and bandwidth, and we will explain this section below:

Disk Space

As mentioned above, “Disk Space” or “Storage” is the volume server (or Hard Disk) that the host will allocate to your website. This is where you are going to file all the files on the website, including articles, photographs, codes, etc.

So how do you know about the volume you need to download the website?

To respond, the methodology or the easiest way you can imagine your Hard Disk is by looking at the volume of files contained in a folder.

  • When using Windows Explorer, and right click on the mouse button, you can see the volume of the file in that box.

The files you upload to the server are substantially identical to the files on the computer, so when selecting a host you have to count the number of files or information you have downloaded from the website.

Do not disagree with the “Disk Space” volume and Bandwidth that are listed below:


Bandwidth is the amount and size of data that the website can download or view visitors. The number of people that you think that your website visits each day or each month.

Some Provider’s at Bandwidth provide the words “Bandwidth”, “Data Transfer” or “Traffic”, which describes the location of the visitors to the website.

There are many times when it comes to the website that it appears that there is nothing wrong with that, and you will be sent a message with a few words like this: “Your website is heavier put on the host server, so you should search for another heavyweight or other guest, “so you have to move out or pay extra money that you do not want.

Therefore, do not underestimate the luxury and costume and overwhelming service of the host, claiming that your website is allocating a lot of bandwidth and limitations. In particular, there are some shared hostages and we offer:

  • UNLIMITED web hosting
  • No Limit bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED disk space

How can you happen to be a hosted host to host unlimited access to all websites. That is not possible. Of course, they write a small number of “Terms of Service” or “Terms of Use” or “Terms”.

Terms of Service

To find out the exact terms of the hosting service, look up (or click on the bottom of the host’s website, the Terms of Service or TOS or “Terms”. You can see the detailed requirements here.

Refer to the section in the RESOURCE USAGE or UNLIMITED USAGE POLICIES, etc. Here they define their terms as follows:

  • Unlimited Hosting Service does not mean that we allow one website or a few websites to focus on the host, and other websites will be slow. Therefore, the guest has the right to block the website.

This statement shows that there is no limit to reality.

It’s also important to note that visitors also block the website if MySQL finds it using a large number of servers. As we have mentioned above, MySQL is about to use PHP-based websites like WordPress.

On the other hand, it is important to be careful about guests accepting the bad behavior of the film. Because they make the server slow. Also if your site is shared with bad behavior websites then you share the IP address, which means that some gadgets are blocked on your website and email your website in line with a hostile website hosting site sharing.

If you disagree with the restraint they will remind you that you signed an agreement. When you pay the money, you’ll just mark a label “I agree with the use of the contract”, as shown in the picture below.

I reiterate the importance of ensuring compliance with the use of hosting so that I can not complain about it.

Other hosting activities include:

  • The website often misses suddenly or suddenly out of the air, over the internet,
  • Low-quality hosting service and low-quality staff, who do not respond appropriately to you at the right time,
  • Small, confidential or unwarranted charges, for which you are charged,
  • For the guests who have been promised and will not come out,
  • When discussing with your finger slowly pointing to the “Terms of Service”


WordPress is one of the most popular CMS. So, if you are planning to use WordPress, it is important that the host agrees. There are several WordPress requirements required by the host, most importantly:

  • PHP 5.2.4 or upgrades
  • MySQL 5.0 or higher,
  • Mod_rewrite (Apache) – related to the WordPress theme framework (URL)
If your website will be built in WordPress, and the host does not accept PHP and mod_rewrite, then search for another host.

Web hosting companies

Web hosting companies are looking for thousands, and it’s important to understand what you want your website to do and compare the services they offer to guests, so choose your preferred host.

In this lesson, I hope we helped you to look at the host before you rent.

These subsidiaries are part of the website hosts:

More information:


If you find any difficulty in finding a good host or want to start blogging comment below or ContactUs now.

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