How to Enable “Balloon Notification” in Windows 10

If you’re an Windows users then you know about Balloon Notifications. They usually shown in the right corner of your desktop, just about to the task bar. Till yet Windows 10 is not officially released. Now Microsoft released only Windows 10 preview and we’ve shared some about Fixing “Error 80070005″ in Windows 10 Patch KB 3020114. Now in this post we are going to discuss about Enabling Balloon Notification in Windows 10.

Enable Balloon Toasts in Windows 10

Enable Balloon Toasts in Windows 10

Usually in Windows old version they are called as Balloon Notifications. But now in Windows 10, they are said to Toasts Notifications which will be shown in the top right corner with notifications. You can prefer the side and other things. It is totally customization in Windows 10.

Enable Balloon Toasts in Windows 10

This is an simple tweak which can be done by using the Group Policy Editor. In the old version of Widows, that is Windows 8 users are haven’t allowed to access to the Group Policy Editor. But it not same in Windows 10. Microsoft updated this new upcoming version with some good advantages too! So in this version users can edit the Group Policy stuffs. It may not be updated in official version. But in Windows 10 preview version users can access to it. So it may change, we’re not sure about it!

So if you like to Enable Balloon Toasts Notifications in Windows 10, then follow our simple guides mentioned below,

In order to execute, Press Windows Key + R in your keyboard and run the Command box.

Then Type,

Now you will be sent to another page within the Group Policy Editor,

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Start Menu and Taskbar

And there just Find this option,

“Disable showing balloon notifications as toasts”

Then Click on “Enabled” and “Apply” then finally click “OK

If you wanna to turn off your Balloon Notification then just click Disable before saving it. That’s it!

Final Words

Pretty simple tweak? This feature is one among the feature where the Microsoft is trying to combine features from Windows 7 and 8 into the upcoming version Windows 10. But the toast notification will pay more attention than balloon notification. If you like Balloon Notification then go for it, other disable it and go for Toast Notification 😛

Are you facing any issues while performing this tweak? Then share it with us in comments below! And we are so eagerly waiting for your thoughts about “Balloon Notification”! Kindly do share and comments on it! Cheers 🙂

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