How to Downgrade Android Lollipop to KitKat on Nexus

Has already Android Lollipop was installed in Android Moto series devices, Nexus family and other on other gadgets too.Today At TechOverall we are going to tell How to Downgrade Android Lollipop. This new version got many new features and still many users are discovering the enjoying the new design. The multifunction features added over Lollipop gave a additional point to this version to shine well. You can check out more How To Enable Pin Android 5.0 Lollipop. Now in this post we’re going to learn How to Downngrade of Lollipop to Kitkat in your Nexus devices.

Sorry for sharing this topic, as many people search only on Upgrade from Kitkat to Lollipop. But it is just like opposite to it! Anyway many people like both Lollipop and Kitkat. And someothers like Kitkat more than Lollilop.So for those guys who likes to change their device operating system can follow out this tutorial post on changing Lollipop to Kitkat. Before installing Kikat from Lollipop you need to check out their features and wanna to compare both the OS.

For those who have upgraded directly with repent Lollipop has only 2 option to recover. One by trying Lollipop based ROMs or if you want to recover to Kikat then follow this post. Surely this post can gonna to make you learn How to Install Kitkat on Lollipop mobiles?

WARNING: Before performing, make a Backup to all files and data. Because this will delete all your data. Over to that, there are many risks and you should carry out this with your own risk. There are many chances to downgrade to Kitkat without facing any issues, only by following the steps given here. The TechOverall or We (Author) are not responsible for any damage to your device. Try it out with your own risk!

Learn How to downgrade Lollipop to KitKat on Nexus

Things you need to have or Download before performing this are,

Download Factory image of Android 4.4.4 for the Nexus 5
Download ADB Tools

If you guys have these tools then we can get started with downgrade lollipop to kitkat in pretty simple steps.

#1 Download Factory Image, Unzip and save it on your computer and ADB tools also on your PC.

#2 Then move the Factory image to ADB tools folder.

#3 Then connect your mobile to your computer. Make sure you have USB debugging enabled. You can do it that by navigating to Setttings >> Developer Options >> USB Debugging.

#4 Then Unlock the bootloader. You may have knowledge on while rooting Nexus 5.

#5 Then Turn off the Nexus 5.

#6 Now Turn on your device by pressing Both the Power & Volume button down to go to the Fastboot Mode. By going there, we can navigate to recovery mode easily with volume keys and menu buttons.

#7 Select Wipe Cache Partition and then Wipe data / factory reset.

#8 Then connect your Nexus 5 device back to your computer with USB.

#9 Final step is, open the ADB Tools folder and find the lyrics all.bat and double click. And wait for few minutes the process will get started and once completed your device will automatically restart with fresh Kitkat OS. That’s it!

Hope you have done everything correctly and installed kitkat without any issues. And surely you will get some OTA update notification for your device. Try to ignore it and enjoy with Kitkat. If you’re facing any issues then share it with us in comment!

Share your thoughts & experiences in comment below! Cheers 🙂

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