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How to disable web preview in Safari on iOS


Safari has undergone a lot of changes this year. If earlier the Apple mobile browser was a completely convenient solution for web surfing, its functionality was extremely limited. With the release of iOS 13, Safari turned into an almost perfect browser with an expanded settings menu, its own download manager and a host of other chips that were previously available only in the desktop version. However, such a number of innovations have led to the fact that some users are simply confused in them and can not figure it out without assistance. For this, we are needed.

After upgrading to iOS 13, many users noticed that every time they try to open the context menu of links in Safari, for example, to open them in a new tab, copy or share, a small web page preview window appears on the screen. Not to say that his appearance was particularly inconvenient, but many expressed a desire to disable this element. In the end, it can be distracting, and some may even interfere. Then why bother if you can easily and simply hide the intrusive component of the browser?

How to hide preview window in Safari

  • To do this, open Safari on your iPhone, iPod or iPad (this method also applies to iPadOS);
  • Open any site where there is a hyperlink, attach a finger to it and hold until the context menu appears;
  • Turn off the option “Hide link preview” – the preview window will disappear;
  • To bring it back, call the context menu of the link again and activate the “Show link preview” option.

Please note that without a preview window, the browser interface immediately began to look somehow neater and more minimal. This is of great importance, since a large number of elements, even important ones, have a depressing feeling on many. Users see unfamiliar interface components and start to panic that they can’t cope with the updated OS. Of course, this is not so. In Cupertino, they always try to avoid all that is superfluous, introducing only the most useful and functional interface elements that will make the use more convenient.

Why do I need link previews?

Take the same preview. This feature has been introduced in order to protect users. Indeed, the ability to view the contents of a web page even before you open it can save you from clicking on phishing and malicious links. And since there have been a lot of malicious sites on the Web recently, this makes sense.

In iOS 13, there is a fairly correct trend when the control elements of applications – not just Safari – are gradually migrating to the applications themselves. If before, in order to change the browser configurations, we had to follow the “Settings” and conjure there with the choice of the necessary parameters, but today everything is much easier. Cupertino did the same with the Camera application, in which there were separate buttons for changing the resolution and frame rate of video recording. Unfortunately, there are not so many such examples, but judging by the content of the outgoing beta versions, Apple is actively working in this direction and very soon all the settings will be available directly in the applications.

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