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How to disable headphones on Android phone


Headphones for the phone are an indispensable accessory that many of us use both for listening to music and for talking, because the connected headset allows you not to take your smartphone out of your pocket and receive calls on the go. We have already talked about how to connect headphones to the phone , but the issue of disconnecting an auxiliary gadget is just as important. How to turn off the headphones and what difficulties you may encounter when trying to disconnect one device from another, you will learn in today’s material.

How to disable headphones on your phone

It’s no secret that headphones are wired and wireless. The first type of accessory is connected to the phone via a cable and a plug attached to it, which is inserted into the appropriate socket. Therefore, to disconnect wired headphones, it is enough to remove their plug from the audio jack.

It would seem that everything is as simple as possible, but even here many of us are faced with a fairly common problem. Provided that the wired headset is disabled, the headphone icon on the phone continues to remain . And it would be okay if it was a regular icon, since its presence does not allow you to play music through the built-in Android speakers. Therefore, let’s figure out how to turn off the headphone icon .

How to remove the headphone icon

If the headphone icon appears on the screen of your smartphone for no apparent reason , then with a high degree of probability you are dealing with a connector malfunction. It’s most likely just clogged. So the best way out of the situation is to try to clean it with improvised means. In addition, it makes sense to try reconnecting the

The cause of the problem may be even more serious. For example, if your headphone jack is broken . Then only service center specialists can help you. In the meantime, the problem remains unresolved, install the Disable Headphone app . It will help to forcibly output sound through the smartphone’s speakers, provided that the connected headphones icon remains on the screen :

  1. Run the program.
  2. Press the “Speaker” button.
  3. Check which audio device the sound will come from by clicking the “Test Sound” button.

Unfortunately, this app won’t help you remove the wireless headphones icon . However, such problems do not arise with Bluetooth headsets. In any case, I have not heard anything about such an icon appearing on the screen for no reason.

How to disable wireless headphones

However, you should know how to disable bluetooth headphones . Especially for the reason that, for obvious reasons, simply removing the plug is indispensable here. But there is a very simple way to disconnect wireless headphones from your phone – put the headset in a case.

Suppose this option does not suit you for some reason. Then you have a few more alternative methods to turn off bluetooth headphones :

  • turn off Bluetooth on your phone by pressing the corresponding button;
  • open the pop-up menu in the Bluetooth window and click on the “cross”;
  • in the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone, find your headset, open its settings and click the “Disable” button.

The last disconnect method should only be used if you want the smartphone to forget the headset . After all, when you reconnect, you will have to reconfigure pairing, which often causes problems. In particular, due to the fact that many users forget to press a special button on the case.

How to turn off the microphone on the headphones

In addition to disconnecting the headset, you probably want to know how you can stop using some of its features. For example, how to turn off the headphone microphone . If you have a full-size model at your disposal, then the best way is to press a special button located on the case.

With a regular wireless headset, this will not work. And in general, by default, you cannot turn off the microphone on the headphones on the phone . After all, Android perceives them as a complex device from an external speaker and microphone. But you can cheat a little. Some applications have audio recording and output settings. With this option, you can easily switch the external microphone to the internal one.

If your headphones have an application, then in its settings you will most likely find the “Voice call” item. By turning it off, it will be possible to make sure that the microphone of the smartphone is used during the call .

If there is no application, then try to find similar options in the Bluetooth connection settings. It is possible that you can turn off the headphone microphone on your device without additional software.

How to turn off the headphone assistant

Google voice assistant through headphones also works. This annoys many, because sometimes the assistant appears out of nowhere, which interrupts the playback of a photo or video. The problem is caused by accidental activation of Google Assistant. Therefore, to solve it, you need to turn off the headphone assistant .

First, open your headphones app or their settings. Here you can assign the functions of the buttons (sensors). It is possible that you had double-tap calling the voice assistant, like I did. Then just change the action, after which the assistant will stop turning on automatically.

Second, launch the Google app and follow a few simple steps:

  1. Click on the profile icon.
  2. Go to “Settings” and then “Voice”.
  3. In the “Voice control” tab, deactivate all the switches.

This will turn off the voice activation of the assistant through the headphone microphone. And you can completely refuse to use a virtual assistant. Read about this in our text, how to disable the Google Assistant on the phone.

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