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How to customize your iPhone back touch action


One of the most powerful features in iOS 14 is the ability to double or triple tap the back of your iPhone to perform an action. For example, you can launch the camera or take a screenshot without touching the display itself or physical buttons. This can be configured in the Accessibility Tap menu, where you can choose between double and triple-tap actions. But in addition to the already existing actions that are in this section, you can also create your own. And it can be anything – from turning on the lights in your room using HomeKit to launching the application.

For example, I use Safari, but sometimes I have to open Chrome. It lies somewhere in the application library (a handy thing, by the way ) and is rarely used. But with the new feature, I can set it up so that a double-tap (or triple-tap) will immediately open the Chrome browser. This can be done in a few seconds – you just need to configure the appropriate command.

How to open an app by tapping the back of an iPhone

  1. Open the Quick Commands app. If you don’t have it, restore it from the App Store. Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner and select “Add action”.
  2. In the next step, use the search and enter “Open Application”. Click on this action, a list of all your applications will open. Select the one you want – in my case, it’s Google Chrome.
  3. Then enter a name for your new team and save it.
  4. Go to Settings – Accessibility – Touch.
  5. Turn on the “Touch from behind” option and assign a quick command to this gesture – for me it’s “Open Chrome”.


Done! Now, if I knock twice on the back of my iPhone, the Google Chrome browser opens. Thus, you can configure any command: for example, start a timer, turn on the navigator with a route immediately before work, or turn on the camera.

In general, double-tap is a really very versatile tool that can be customized as you like and interact with your smartphone with great comfort. Moreover, in the settings it is possible, in addition to double-touching the back cover, to set up a triple, which will be an alternative to double, performing a completely different action.


Note that the back panel touch control does not work in the best way, and also does not support all iPhone models. Therefore, if you still want to test this innovation, I recommend that you first check its performance and evaluate whether the implementation is right for you or not.

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