[How to] Block Unwanted Calls and SMS On Android Phone

Now a days technology is playing a key role in Human life and here you are to know How to block unwanted calls on your Android mobile for free. Mobile is the gadget which is contributing development at higher level as the people are largely depending on it in their day to day life. A part from its advantages, there is a serious problem being faced by the people is receiving unwanted text messages, calls ,spanners, harasses, fake calls, company calls, etc .Due to these problems people are not only disturbed but are also tensed up. There are many reasons behind why the people want to block such calls and Sms. Blocking calls is the way to get out of these problems, if you are suffering from such problems, then here we are introducing you how to block unwanted calls and unwanted apps on android phone.

Apps to Block Unwanted Calls

Method -1
Firstly you have to built in a call blocking feature on your android device.
• To make a call click your phone button
• Select the MENU button
• Now select the blocked caller option
• Here click MENU in order to add the caller list
• That’s it., the numbers which you added to the list will now be blacklisted from calling you.
Right below a demonstration is given of this built -in- features on the latest version of android on Samsung Galaxy smart phone, where you will come to notice that few steps have been changed slightly, better make sure to follow.

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Method -2
To manage the block unwanted calls and text messages Download the app first.

This app of choice is available freely.
Blacklist’ is the simplest way to block unwanted calls and text messages. This App is an advanced call/sms filter consisting of blocker tools which helps in you in creating a block list to get rid of your problem

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To manage unwanted calls and messages.it is a simple way but enough with powerful features

  • Go to Google play store
  • Search the blacklist or call blocker
  • Next you have to download and install the app on your android mobile
  • The blacklist application must be launched
  • For details on configuring the app follow the instructions given below

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Blacklist is a free app that offers you some enough features to satisfy user.setting pop-up window is an option where most of blacklist settings can be accessed

Blacklist settings

It is a option where a list of untrusted members is defined.you need to tap on the menu button for changing the blacklist settings.then you have to put the numbers that you want to block in to blacklist,Selecting the blacklist option .

There are 3 kinds of numbers blocking options available in blacklist settings.

Numbers not in my contact:These are unknown numbers which have not been saved in to your phone contacts

Private numbers: Private number In the sense.The caller id of the caller will not be displayed. private number will be displayed on the screen instead of specific number when a call comes.

Specific number:These are the numbers which will be saved in your contacts or may be picked up from sms or call logs.Click on the plus button to pick one

Various parameters can be selected in order to block the number you have chosen.

App to Block Unwanted Apps

You will have to download Xnspy and install it on the Android device from which you want to block any unwanted apps. Once you are done with that, it’s time to open your Xnspy web account, enter your credentials and follow the steps below:

  • At the left-hand-side of the dashboard, you will see a menu.
  • Scroll down and click on ‘Installed Apps’ tab.
  • It will show you all the apps installed on the target device.
  • Beside each app, you will see the ‘Block’ button. To block a particular app, simply click this button and you are done.

Block options

  • End call+Block:The incoming call will be hang up as it arrives.the caller will assume as you may have disconnected the call due to some or the other reason.The caller may be redirected to leave a mail or msg.To avoid this you can also opt the hang-up mode in settings where the sms will appear in blacklist,Instead of normal msg inbox
  • Turnoff ringer+Block sms:Here the call will be blocked and msgs as well.But the caller will not me aware of anything.
  • Turn off Ringer:It is common as first option but only call will be blocked and sms will be received by the number
  • End call only:When you choose this option.the messages still be appearing as only calls have been blocked .
  • Block sms only:When you select this option .the sms will appear to blacklist.Instead of normal msgs box,but still you will receive calls from the number
  • Do not block:The sms  and incoming calls from the number will not be intervene by blacklist

After Modifying click on the save button.In order to save the settings.To delete a number you can click on the delete option from the blacklist settings.

I hope you like this article,its all about how to block unwanted calls and sms on your android .If you have any more techniques do share in comments.Hope this tutorial will help you surely to use Block unwanted calls and messages on your android.

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