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How the Apple Tag works – a tag for finding lost things


It is no secret that Apple is developing a special accessory Apple Tag, which will allow you to find lost things. The first mention of this label was found by developers in the first beta build of iOS 13. The new accessory will look like a small circle that resembles a sticker. But is there any practical benefit to this product?

Actually yes. There are plenty of use cases where the Apple Tag is useful. For example, an accessory can be put in a wallet or attached to an important document. And in the event that you move too far from the tag, the iPhone will immediately notify you of the need to return for a forgotten thing. Or he will tell you exactly where you lost the item and track the current location of the tag, regardless of distance.

Agree, quite convenient. But Apple would not be Apple if it did not provide users with a truly elegant solution.

Everything Apple Tag Knows

MacRumors reporters managed to access the internal assembly of iOS 13, which is being tested by Apple employees. This find shed light on many of the details and nuances of Apple Tag.

 The Apple Tag is a small white beacon with the Apple logo in the center. At least, this is evidenced by the image found during the study of the assembly. In this sense, the Apple Tag will be similar to other similar Bluetooth trackers. But all the differences are in the principles of work.

The Apple Tag will work with the Locator app. In the preliminary build of iOS 13, the program received a new tab “Things”. This is where it will be possible to track all the lost items.

How to customize Apple Tag

When setting up a tag for the first time, Apple will ask how the beacon will be used. Depending on the selected scenario, the corresponding settings will be set.

In the Locator application, it will be possible to configure “safe zones” – these are the places where the Apple Tag will not notify the user about the loss. The location of items can be shared with friends and family members.

Similar to the iPhone, Apple Tag has a “Lost Mode”. The tag will be able to send notifications to other iPhone users if they discover a lost item. they may contain contact information or other data that will allow you to contact the owner of the lost item.

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