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How much will the iPhone SE 3 cost. Spoiler: super-cheap


Apple’s smartphone pricing policy is a rather static phenomenon, almost unchanged. Contrary to popular belief, Cupertino relatively infrequently revises the prices of their devices, trying to keep them at the same level for many years. And when the need to change something comes, it does not have to be a promotion at all. From time to time, Apple cuts prices, despite the hardware upgrade of its technology. So at one time, it was with MacBook Air, iPhone 11, and, apparently, it will be so with iPhone SE 3, which will significantly fall in price this year.

Despite the fact that the iPhone SE 3, which will be released this spring, will be better than its predecessor in every way, its price will almost certainly be lower. According to 91Mobile , the new product will fall in price by about a third of the original level. This is necessary to support falling demand for a lineup that did not receive a planned upgrade this year.

The price of the iPhone SE 3 will be $ 299, or about 23 thousand rubles at the current rate. It is clear that in the official Russian retail the smartphone will cost a little more. But the difference is unlikely to be so dramatic. Considering Apple’s previous experience in setting prices in Russia, I would assume that the iPhone SE 3 will be priced at 29,990 rubles .

Where does such a desire to please the consumer come from, you ask? Actually there are reasons. The thing is that Apple simply has nothing to surprise the consumer. iPhone SE 3, according to rumors, was supposed to get a case from the iPhone 11 with all the consequences in the form of a screen in the entire front panel, a fingerprint scanner in the power button on the side, a dual camera and an increased battery.

However, the pandemic made adjustments to Apple’s original plans, and the company had to abandon them. At least temporarily. But you can’t explain it to people. They didn’t buy the second generation of the iPhone SE as willingly as the first. And if they are offered the same thing again, albeit with hardware changes, they are unlikely to change their minds and run to the stores.


Therefore, Apple has chosen a very competent tactic. She decided to reduce the price of the iPhone SE 3 , and very significantly. This is a very logical step. Firstly, there will be fewer complaints about a new product for $300 than for $400. In this price segment, it will be able to compete more actively with third-party smartphones. And, secondly, the production of the iPhone SE has long been debugged, which means that Apple will not have to spend a lot.

No, making a smartphone for $300 is no doubt a non-trivial task. Remember how much Apple cost the second iPhone SE. The estimated cost of its components was $217 . Yes, it was less than the company spent on the iPhone 8, but it’s still tangible money. Therefore, even if we assume that the iPhone SE 3 will cost Apple even cheaper, it is obvious that the margin of this project will be minimal for the company.

Should I buy an iPhone SE 3?

But what reason does she have to release the iPhone SE 3 at that price? In principle, everything is just logical here. Apple just needs to fill this niche. A super-cheap iPhone, albeit in a five-year-old case, will definitely be popular. Those who did not want to buy the previous model for $400 will almost certainly want to buy a new one for $300. After all, despite all the shortcomings, the iPhone SE 3 will have a number of significant advantages.

While the overall specs of the iPhone SE 3 don’t seem impressive, there are some things to look out for:

  • Processor – A15 Bionic
  • Display – 4.7 inches, Retina
  • Memory -3/128, 3/256 GB
  • Battery – 1821 mAh
  • Camera – 12 MP
  • Charging – 15W

The most important component of the iPhone SE 3 is its processor . Not only is it simply the fastest chip for mobile devices on the market today, it also has incredible potential. After all, it was thanks to the processor that Apple managed to upgrade the camera of the old iPhone 8, so that it began to shoot at the same level as the iPhone Pro . Imagine what will happen to the iPhone SE 3.

Definitely a new processor will add new photo features to the iPhone SE 3 . It is clear that the novelty a priori cannot get something cooler than the iPhone 13 Pro. But, even if Apple adds support for night shooting mode – and there is almost no doubt about it – and Deep Fusion mode , which improves the photo already at the post-processing stage using neural networks, it will be a bomb.

In fact, Apple is making an advanced camera phone , which it plans to sell for a penny. After all, $ 300 for a smartphone with one of the best, if not the best, camera is extremely small. The photo capabilities of the iPhone SE 3 will even overshadow its physical flaws like a small screen, small amount of RAM and mediocre autonomy. So yes, I believe that the novelty will be cool and cheap.

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