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How much memory is needed in a smartphone


In today’s world, many users change their smartphones every year. And they are constantly faced with the same question: how much memory to choose a device. It would seem that everything is very clear: you have already used smartphones, take the same one. However, in reality, everything is much more complicated. Everyone gets out of the situation in different ways: one buys the minimum amount and tries to save money, the other takes storage with interest, so as not to think about this and not spend money on memory cards or cloud storage. Today I propose to figure out who is right and who is wrong.

To begin with, I would like to dispel the most important myth. If you buy a smartphone with 64 GB of permanent memory, this does not mean at all that you can store files with this size. To be sure of this, it is enough to correlate the volume of the drive on the box with the numbers inside. They will be different.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon, the main one being the operating system, which also takes up space in the device’s memory. On average, if you buy a 64GB smartphone, it will have about 55GB of free space. By the way, everything is exactly the same with memory cards and hard drives.

How much memory is needed for photos

The question of how much memory you need to buy a smartphone seems to be very easy to answer. It all depends on the specific case and scenario of use. However, do not forget about one fact: every year smartphones are getting better, more powerful, faster.

Photo opportunities are also multiplied with new generations, which means that the Photo section takes up more and more space. Therefore, when purchasing a phone instead of an old one, the size of its memory should at least differ. You cannot take a 64 GB smartphone in 2015 and now come to the store for the same. His memory is simply not enough for you.

Gadget manufacturers, in turn, also understand everything. That is why, over time, the minimum storage volume is increased. So, earlier we could see flagships with 8 GB of permanent memory, but now we estimate 64 GB (which is 8 times more) as “not enough”.

Have you ever noticed that if your device does not have an internet connection, the images in the app will still download? Now, it’s time to say thank you to technology. If you suddenly notice that an application weighs more than it should be, you can usually clean up unnecessary files simply by going to the settings of a particular application.

But the whole point of smartphones with large storage is that you don’t have to clean anything. 256 GB head is enough to forget about free space altogether. The logic behind buying phones with a lot of memory is pretty clear. They take it and do not think about what is there, but how it is there.

Separately, I would like to talk about users for whom the phone is a working device. Usually, they only have different files for most of their free storage. I used to be one of them too. In my house, there was no computer or laptop, only a smartphone.

If you use your phone exclusively for storing photos and communicating in instant messengers, then I can safely recommend the minimum volume. Now it is usually either 64 or 128 GB.

How to clear the cache on your phone

It usually happens like this: you buy a smartphone, come home, download all the necessary applications, look, and there is still as much as 48 GB of free space. The thoughts immediately pop up in my head: it’s good that I didn’t take more, otherwise, I would overpay.

Days go by, years go by, and, for the first time, the phone remarks to you that everything, they say, there is not enough memory. In a panic, you turn to Settings and with horror learn that the Telegram application takes up as much as 10 GB of free space. The cache is to blame for everything.

Should you buy a memory card

Of course, many will now say: what about a memory card? If I suddenly decide to work on a smartphone, I can always buy it and not worry about free space. Our author Ivan Gerasimov perfectly spoke about  I recommend reading it.

For me, it all comes down to an extremely simple thesis: a memory card is unsafe. Just imagine, anyone can pull it out. As soon as you leave your phone somewhere, like everyone else, consider that you said goodbye to the data. Even if there is a password there and no one will see what is inside, you will no longer have this data.

How much memory does it take to play

I would also like to talk about games on a smartphone. The modern player is a rather humorous person. By downloading the game, we plan to see something unearthly there, with excellent graphics at the Witcher level and a well-developed plot with the ability to respond to dialogues.

At the same time, for some reason, we do not want to download 10 GB of the game. You see, it takes up a lot of space, then there is not enough space for other tasks. Well, now judge for yourself. Even if you download three games, each of which will weigh about 6 GB, then this is already 18 GB. We add two thousand more photos here, a system that takes 6 GB and in the end, we are left with nothing. If anything, I warned you.

Which phone to choose for a music lover

I solved the issue of music quite simply. I signed up for one of the streaming services and completely ditched the idea of ​​downloading music to my device. The reason for this is very simple, the only place where a bad internet connection in my life is on an airplane. So you can listen to music without downloading without any problems.

However, there are (and quite often) users who do everything the old-fashioned way and download everything through a computer or directly through third-party pirate services. The advice here is very simple: you need about 10 GB of music. Then count yourself.

As a result, it turns out that before you go to the store you should:

  • Assess how much memory you needed on your last smartphone and how long ago you bought it.
  • Write down in notes everything that you plan to spend memory on.
  • Consider purchasing a memory card.
  • Consider the period for which you plan to purchase a smartphone.

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