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How can a frameless iPad Pro with Face ID look like?


Designer Alvaro Pabesio already knows us his concepts of macOS 11 and Apple Music. This time, he decided to show how he sees the iPad Proc Face ID. The project was presented on the Behance platform.

According to Alvaro, Apple will completely redesign the design of future tablets. The following versions of the iPad Pro will lose their usual Home button, and they will also receive a full screen with rounded edges and minimal frames. This will increase the screen diagonally from 10.5 to 11.9 inches with the same dimensions.

The concept assumes that the iPad Pro will receive a Face ID of the second generation. This will be possible thanks to the advanced TrueDepth cameras. The tablet can recognize several faces, and the scan area will increase significantly. Also, support for horizontal mode appears.

Ipad Pro frameless

Continuity of design should be traced, says Alvaro. That’s why the tablets will get a complete glass case, similar to the latest iPhone models. The designer also predicts the emergence of dual cameras with a wide-angle and telephoto lens. Accordingly, for the first time on the iPad will become available for portrait photography.

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Some changes will be presented in the operating system. Applications for iPhone will be able to work on iPad Pro in full multitasking mode.

Frameless Ipad

This is undoubtedly an ambitious concept. Nevertheless, he does not rule out that some of the ideas presented can still be implemented. Did you like this iPad Pro?

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