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How Apple Drives Demand for iPhone XS and iPhone XR


Amid falling Apple stocks and reports of low sales of new iPhones, the American corporation launched an aggressive marketing campaign to stimulate demand for its latest products. Apparently, Apple really does not like the current state of affairs, since the company decided on such drastic measures. But first things first.

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It all started with the fact that Apple launched the Trade-in program on special conditions for the US market. Having handed over your old iPhone, users could get a decent discount when buying an iPhone XS and an iPhone XR. And this is taking into account the fact that the company has never offered promotional prices for its latest models.

After some time, Apple has changed the familiar slogan of the iPhone XR to a more daring and informative.

It was: Beautiful in all respects.

It became: Completely new frameless design. Record battery life. Best performance. Studio quality shots.

On this, Apple certainly did not stop. In all Apple Store stores (in the Genius Bar section), advertising for the iPhone XR and iPhone XS began to spin.

Remarkably, the advertisement appeared even in the company’s iOS app store. The App Store editors have dedicated a separate article to the iPhone XR, where they talked about all the advantages of the new product. By the way, the publication is displayed only from owners of old Apple smartphones.

And finally, the cherry on the cake — Apple began sending Push-notifications to owners of old iPhones, with a proposal to upgrade to the new iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Never before has a company seen such a thing been seen. And what is especially interesting is that notifications come even to those who do not even have the Apple Store application installed.

Your new iPhone is waiting for you. Choose iPhone XR or iPhone XS and use the iPhone Upgrade program.

Without a doubt, Apple would not have taken such measures if the sales of new flagship devices met the expectations of investors and company management. So aggressive marketing will undoubtedly play a role, but why not just lower the prices of new products? This question is still open.

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