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Google will improve Android P with the help of “Magnifier”. How the function works


At the beginning of the week, users of Pixel and Pixel 2 received a fresh version of Android P Developer Preview 4. Now the system manually changes the themes, adjusts the volume of the conversation, and also makes happy with the new icons and the navigation slider. To the list of improvements will be added and Magnifier – a new solution for highlighting and copying text.

Today, to work with the text, we squeeze the necessary word and wait for a few moments. Then the object is highlighted in blue, and around it points appear to select new words.

In Android P, the situation will change, reports Phone Arena. Now for the selection will answer “Magnifier”, the name of which translates as “magnifying glass”. The meaning is simple: the user still selects text using borders in the form of dots, but now an enlarged text will be displayed above the finger. It looks so.

The feature resembles a solution from iOS, but Android users will appreciate it. Now the choice of text for copying or deleting will be much more accurate.

Are you happy with the future innovation?

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