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Google officially launched the Google One cloud service


After three months of beta testing, Google officially released the Google One cloud storage. The announcement of the newest product, designed to combine several search engine giant services, took place on May 15 during the Google I / O conference.

First of all, Google One users will be available for more favorable prices for rental space in the cloud. So, now for 9.99 dollars a month, you can purchase access to a storage capacity of 2 TB, whereas before the same money was provided for half the amount. In addition, there were tariffs for 200 GB for 2.99 and 100 GB for 1.99 dollars respectively.

Google One – Differences from Google Drive

In addition to the updated tariff plans, Google One subscribers will receive 24/7 technical support on any Google product, as well as the ability to share space in the cloud with their loved ones by giving them access to their storage.

With Google One, users can not only interact with files uploaded to the cloud but also access all the attachments that have ever been sent or received via Gmail, as well as all photos and videos from the Google Photos service.

While the subscription option is officially available only in the US, but will soon be available in other regions.

Application: Google One
Developer: Google LLC
Category: Work
Price: Free
Download: Google Play
The application was already interested: 3120 people


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