Fixed “Error 80070005” in Windows 10 Patch KB 3020114

Windows 10 is the new operating system which lined up with Microsoft OS list. And Windows 10 is in beta version (Technical Preview), Fix Error 80070005 so many users all around the world are more eager to try it! As like the old version of Windows 8.1/8 this version may hit all users and this Win 10 is designed for developers, enthusiasts and for all common people. This beta version try to find out the basic requirement of people and so that while making Windows 10 official they will makes changes of their requirements as they to fix this webpage has a redirect loop problem.

Windows 10 is a combination of both casuals and formals. Yes! The customization and user interface here will be great with good look and mixed with the style of Windows 7/8. The developers have mixed all the old version interface in Windows 10 with some extra look.

Mostly the beta version are so helpful to find out the bugs and its easy to face bugs and solve it. In Windows 10 preview build number 9879 version many bugs where spotted and causing crashes and restarts. So this made Microsoft to release another version of Win 10 Patch KB 3020114. Perhaps, this one used for some users only! And others got trapped with error 80070005 at KB 9020114 Patch. The update failed to install Windows 10 Patch KB 3020114.

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So now, I’m here to share this post by fixing the Windows 10 Patch KB 3020114 Error 80070005. If you’re using Windows 10 preview version and facing this issue, follow the guidelines given below,

How to Fix “Error 80070005” in Windows 10 Patch KB 3020114

Step 1: Open Command Prompt in your windows and type CMD. Then run the below command,

compact /u /exe /s:%windir%\winsxs\filemaps

Error 80070005


Step 2: Then restart your device and make sure there is no any messages shown up.

Step 3: Now navigate to Control Panel >> Windows Update Center >> Check for Updates.

Step 4: Once you updated your system, install KB 3020114 Patch and restart your system when prompted. Quite simple..?

With reference to Microsoft, while updating only 10% of users are facing this error 80070005. And others have SSD drives, so they are not trapped with this error. Still now the exact reason behind this error was not found 🙁 check how to fix usb device not recognized

Anyhow this post may helped you better in fixing this error 80070005. If you’re still facing any issues, then drop them in comments below. We’ll try to resolve it ASAP 😀

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