Download & Install Vshare for iOS 8.3, 8.4/8.2 Without Jail Break

Are you looking for a guidepost regarding on Vshare for iOS 8.4/8.3 then you can make use of this post! Many of the visitors requested such tutorial post and as everyone knows Vshare iOS app is a popular one which is available for other platforms too! So for what purpose this Vshare app is used for? In short, to download paid apps for free on your iOS devices. Yeah, this tool help you download the paid apps for free on iPhones.

For getting Vshare, you don’t need to install Cydia on your iOS device. It’s a premium app, but you can use it for free by downloading it from an apple store. If you haven’t tried this application before, then this is the right choice to get started πŸ™‚ And do check out our recent post onΒ Download APK files from Google Play Store!

Well, as I mentioned above this post will be a tutorial on Vshare for iOS 8.4/8.3. If you want to install on your iPhones 6 or any iOS device then follow this below-mentioned guide! Let’s jump into the tutorial section by finishing my intro part,

Download and Install Vshare for iOS 11.1/8.4/8.3, 8.2/8.1.1

Vshare is an awesome app available for JailBreak iOS devices! As many people already seeking for some best guidepost to install Vshare on iOS devices, I made this post for those guys! Here is the detailed guide to installing Vshare on iOS. And as the bonus I have added tutorial with step by step images below to make the section short and easy!

So at first, you need to visit the official website of on your Safari browser.

Then choose the desired OS and choose the download option. In our position, we are working for iOS, so download it for iOS devices and go ahead!

Now just click on Download unjail Broken Option and tap the Download option. Within a second, you will be popped with a new screen about installation option.

Just you need to click on the Install option, that’s it! Now run the app and enjoy!

At first, you need to give permission by choosing Trust Option. If you are done, then it will take you to the app stores where you can download all apps for free. Is crazy?


I have installed the Vshare on my iPhone 6 and it went well! But at the certain point, showed me an error “cannot connect to Vshare API”. So I tried to fix it and if you guys to face the same error then follow the below guide,

>> You need to Close all Browsers, mainly Safari Browser.

>>Then close all Application in your device by going to Home Screen.

>> Now just double tap to see on home screen and wait for few minutes. That’s it!

Hope this post helps you better for installing Vshare for iOS 8.4/8.3, 8.2/8.1.1! And while performing any errors or issues, then let us know it! We will get back soon with the great solution for it. If you have any suggestions, then drop them below in comments section. We are listening! Cheers πŸ˜€

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