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Do you need an antivirus for macOS


We hope your short working week flew by as quickly as ours! Nevertheless, it was busy: despite the weekend, Apple found time to play tricks and turned off another payment method in the App Store for Russians, and it also became known that Sberbank was left without a smart home – In the abyss of these questions, another, no less important, remained unanswered. By tradition, we will give a capacious and meaningful answer to it in our rubric. Go!

Our reader asks a question, the answer to which, it would seem, lies on the surface. But even here, not everything is so clear. Well, let’s try to figure it out.

Are there viruses on Mac

Even Windows users who know about macOS in passing have heard that the operating system for Apple computers is not susceptible to virus infection, and there are no antiviruses for them. Once I even came across the opinion of one fan of apple smartphones that, they say, iTunes is not only a media combine, but also an antivirus for the iPhone . But we will talk about its functions another time.

As for viruses for Apple devices, everything is a little more complicated: only in the second half of the year, according to analysts, 380 vulnerabilities accumulated in Apple products. This does not mean that all your data is directly sent to hackers, but it already hints that the operating systems from the Cupertinos are not so perfect. But Mac computers have a much smaller market share than Windows, so they really are less attractive to scammers.

Apple’s operating system provides several utilities, for example, XProtect , which works invisibly to the user and also does not affect the performance of the computer. Another one ( Gatekeeper ) prevents an application from running without the user’s permission unless it is marked as safe. The applications themselves run in an isolated environment and perform only their functions without gaining access to important system settings.

But even in such a security system, there are gaps: XProtect checks files only for certain parameters, but not for all, which blocks only some programs. On the other hand, antiviruses from the App Store cannot access most of the files on the disk even with full access – accordingly, it will not be possible to find all threats either.

Malware for macOS

Another reason why users think macOS doesn’t need antivirus is performance degradation. There is some truth in this, but this only applies to older models of computers – now even Windows PCs have enough resources to work in the background and not affect performance.

But, as you understand, you can catch a virus on macOS by your own stupidity. Even with antivirus software installed, it is really possible to bring a fraudulent problem downloaded from the left resource onto the computer under the guise of a useful program. Usually, they have a similar name and even disguise themselves as browsers and antiviruses themselves.

So, one cannot rely only on built-in solutions from Apple, which are often ignored by users themselves: the same Gatekeeper suggests not installing third-party software but leaves the choice to the user. Foolishly, you can open the program, ignoring the security requirements, and enter, say, card details. Even no antivirus will not help 100% here.

Do I need to install an antivirus on a Mac


Like it or not, antivirus for macOS is needed for reinsurance, especially if you work in a potentially dangerous environment. If you find good antivirus software, then do not be too lazy to install it – it will definitely not be superfluous. But, at the same time, rely on the antivirus, but don’t make a mistake yourself – increase your vigilance and be careful. Malicious programs for macOS exist, even though they are joked that they are paid. Either way, your Mac is a PC just like everyone else.



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