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Do I need a printer at home and what to look for when choosing


Once upon a time I did not have a normal printer. Everyone can say so, because we all remember those crazy devices that blocked the boiling kettle with a noise level, worked every other time and they had to constantly change cartridges. So those days are long gone! There are still similar devices, but they are already much more advanced and work many times better in all respects. In this article, we will answer the question of whether you need to buy a printer or MFP for yourself or is it a waste of money, as our colleague Ivan Kuznetsov convinces us all in the editorial office.

Do I need an MFP at home

Ivan’s main argument against is the high price and dubious usefulness. In some way, we can agree with him, because “home” inexpensive printing devices really lose to “office” ones, which, although they cost several times more, can do their job faster and better.

Just remember how long ago you printed something at home? Even I, who like to work with paper, still print something very rarely . For example, I print abstracts before shooting. And also, when I sent something by mail, I printed documents to save time. Well, and so on. Therefore, I am sure that expensive MFPs or printers for the home are simply not needed. And even if you see a model for which the cartridges are more expensive than the assembly itself, as in my HP 3700, this scheme also has the right to life, but it is better to choose something laser.

With all of that said, if you’ve been thinking about buying an MFP, a simple printer might be right for you, because printing operations usually make up 90-95% of what users of such devices do. For example, in my case, I never used the scanner function when it could not be replaced by a mobile application. You can also scan one sheet with your phone’s camera, which will convert it to PDF and send it to whoever needs it.

But there is also one big BUT. It applies to families with children of school age. Given the level of digitalization in schools, they will have to constantly print abstracts, competition tasks, crafts for clubs and much more. Without a printer, and often even a scanner, in such a situation it will be very difficult.

How are printers different?

There are many differences between expensive models of MFPs or printers from cheap ones , as well as devices from one brand from another. If you omit the weight, appearance and other not the most important functions, then the main characteristics come to the fore.

These include: printer type (laser, dot matrix, or inkjet), print speed in sheets per minute, print resolution in dots per inch, first-sheet-out time in seconds, and cartridge capacity . With everything except the first, everything is more or less clear. You can write a separate large material about choosing the type of printer, but in short, it is better to look towards laser models that work quickly, quietly and for a long time, although they are more expensive than inkjet and matrix ones.

Often, users fall for the trick of manufacturers and buy an inexpensive laser printer. They are attracted by the low price. Before you buy a laser printer for your home, you should find out what consumables (inks and cartridges) this or that model of an inexpensive printer is compatible with and works with. If you do not do this in advance, you can run into a number of troubles. I mean those very expensive cartridges, the price of which is comparable to the price of the printer itself. And sometimes even such expensive cartridges are difficult to find on sale. Therefore, such savings can go sideways. Before buying, look at how much consumables cost and how many places they are sold.

Which printer or MFP to choose for the home

So, if you want to buy one or the other device, we will give you a list of what you can now buy in for not the biggest money and from different manufacturers.

HIPER P-1120 – an inexpensive laser printer for the home

This model is represented by two versions – P-1120 and P-1120NW (connection not only via USB, but also LAN and Wi-Fi). Both are available in gray or black. They are laser and can produce the first print in 8.5 seconds, printing 24 pages per minute with a resolution of 600×600 DPI. It’s also nice that HIPER printers can be easily bought even now.

The HIPER P-1120NW has the ability to connect via LAN and Wi-Fi , in order to connect to it not only directly, but also via a network, including via a phone. There is one more printing parameter that we did not specify above, this is the number of sheets per month. This is more relevant for small offices, but in this printer it is at the level of 8000.

This is one of the most inexpensive models among those that are generally worth paying attention to. Although it costs a couple of thousand more than the “bottom of the market” for laser printers, it already offers sufficient performance. Also included is a 2000 page cartridge .

This printer is omnivorous in a good sense of the word. It works with almost any consumables. Because of this, they are easy to find and buy very inexpensively. For example, CACTUS, Colortek, Hi-Black, NV Print, Sakura, Target, Komus and some other compatible supplies manufacturers offer turnkey solutions and save money. For example, a Cactus CS-Q2612AS cartridge for 2000 pages can be bought on Yandex.Market for only 390 rubles.

But this model also has disadvantages. For me, the main one is the impossibility of automatic two-sided printing – you have to manually restart the sheet upside down.

HP M111a – printer for every day

The HP M111a, a model from a manufacturer that has been in the printer business for many years, might seem like a more attractive option. But despite this, you should not lose your head from the logo on the case, and even for less money.

For example, when compared with the HIPER P-1120, you will get the same print resolution and first page out speed, but the overall print speed will be one and a half times lower – only 18 pages per minute . If you print out an abstract, report, or presentation, this can be a problem. And in general, the speed is never superfluous. True, it will not work for a long time to print, because the cartridge is designed for only 500 pages.

But the main disadvantage here is the lack of Wi-Fi. That is, you will not be able to quickly print something from your phone or laptop. You will have to find a place for the printer and do a few extra steps before printing.

Brother HL-1110R – Japanese printer

One of the advantages of the Brother HL-1119R will be its origin. It is produced under a well-known Japanese brand. It has a nice appearance and a large paper tray.

Its print speed is only 20 sheets per minute, and the first sheet comes out in 10 seconds , but if you rarely print, the model may suit you, although it is more than one and a half times more expensive than the previous representatives of the list. The cartridge will provide up to 1000 sheets.

But keep in mind that there is no wireless data transfer, which means that you can only connect to it directly from one computer or play with the settings of the router to which the printer will be connected via USB.

HIPER M-1005 – MFP for home

This is a 3 in 1 multifunctional device , which is commonly referred to as an MFP for short. The gadget can scan, copy and print, and is also available in two versions – M-1005 and M-1005NW (connection not only via USB, but also LAN and Wi-Fi). They can also be bought at a regular electronics store. For navigation, both models have a convenient digital panel. It displays basic information and the main menu when setting up.

Its characteristics in terms of printing are similar to the HIPER P-1120 discussed above. 8.5 second first page out, 22 ppm, 8,000 sheets per month.

Network printing capabilities via LAN and WiFi are also in place in the HIPER P-1005NW MFP. As well as the 2000 sheet cartridge that you will find in the box. But in order to save on consumables, for this model you can also buy third-party cartridges for 2000 sheets for several hundred rubles.

Pantum M6607NW – printer/scanner/copier for home

The Pantum M6607NW looks great and can scan even at 600×600 DPI. Print speeds up to 22 pages per minute and first sheet out in just 7.8 seconds. As a bonus, you will be able to print up to 20,000 sheets per month. This is a great option for the office, but for the home, such features are redundant and it is hardly worth paying one and a half times more than for the previous model, even if there is Wi-Fi.

On the other hand, the capabilities of the iPhone are also unnecessary for many , but once you pick it up, you realize that you no longer want to stop using it. It’s the same with good printers. It seems that you simply do not need its speed or resource, but when you get finished sheets faster than in other models, you don’t want to take a step back. So while price is a barrier, if you’re willing to pay a lot for a home printer, this is a good option.

Should I buy a printer for my home?

If you are thinking about whether to buy a printer or an MFP, then it is worth weighing the pros and cons. For example, if there are no schoolchildren and students in the house, and you have a printer at work, then there is no need to buy it home. A scanner is also not needed, because its capabilities can be replaced by a smartphone and a huge number of applications for it.

If your family has a student at school or university, then you simply need to purchase a printer. But you need to choose a good one, and not the cheapest one, thinking that they are all the same. The main thing is that there are inexpensive third-party consumables for him. Branded ones are expensive and in the current situation they can disappear from the market at any time.

Print speed is really important, but the maximum number of pages per month for those who print once a week is a dubious advantage. But the presence of Wi-Fi will definitely not be superfluous, as well as the ability to choose a color for the interior of your home.

An inkjet printer is worth buying now only if you know exactly why you need it. Yes, they are cheaper, but the cartridges for them are quite expensive, and if you use little, then the ink in them dries up.

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