How to Remove/Delete WordPress Themes from WP Dashboard?

WordPress is the best blogging platform with full customization features. And in WordPress users are allowed to keep multiple themes on their dashboard. But if you want to install and keep backup of your old user WP Themes without deleting them. You can use them at your site at any time. In some osscassions, due to some storage issues you may need to delete some files from your dashboard. So while that time, you need to delete the WP themes files which you stored in your hosting.

Rather there are someother issues to remove them. But now we’re not going to discuss about it. In short if your installed theme is not supporting some plugins, affected by some malwares and on many necessary time you need to delete them. So performing this tweak is so simple in WordPress dashboard. But even though some fellas are facing some issues while executing them. So that our team have planned to share Tutorials on Blogging which is mainly focused on Blogger & WordPress Tutorials.

Delete WordPress Themes


Now in this post I’m going to share the Simple way to Delete WordPress Themes from Dashboard in few clicks.

Learn How to delete WordPress theme?

In order to remove WordPress theme from dashboard, Log in to your WordPress account and Go to WP Dashboard.


Then click Appearance >> Themes. Then you will be showcased with previously installed themes.

Now move your Mouse over on the thumbnail and Click on Theme Details.


In the new popup window, Click Delete button and go ahead by clicking OK. That’s it!


Hope you guys have deleted unwanted themes from your WP dashboard. And makesure that, you can delete only inactive themes and not the active ones. Once you click the delete button you theme will no longer available in your WP dashboard. So while performing this better have a backup file for it!

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If you’re facing any issues while performing this tweak, then share it with us in comments below! For more WP tutorials stay tuned at TechOverall 😉 Cheers 😀

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