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How Do You Create a Blog or Website?[Blogging]


First of all, when we enter into a blogging, we first set out the context and the blog definition and the basic elements.

What is Blog?

The blog is abbreviated as a Weblog, a series of articles published on the Website, which may be a topic of particular importance, such as various types of science, education, health, history, geography, educational articles, etc.

Why are you interested in starting Blog?

Before you start the blog, it should be clear to you that why you want the blog and you should get answers to these questions:

  • Why would you like to create a blog or website?
  • What is the topic for your blog?
  • Do you have time to write about a topic?
  • Will you write it regularly or is it rare for a month’s diarrhea?
  • What does the blog add to your benefit and do not you think of it?
  • Is it fun to be a blog, but is it too expensive for you to do, or do you pass on knowledge?
  • Is it a good blog for your life and your future?

When you start blogging, you need to take into account that it requires a lot of time and mind, as well as spending your money, especially on blogging.

Basic skills required to manage a blog

To manage the blog it is important that you have a skill in writing and organizing the articles. You also need to know the use of the computer because you use it as a computer.

The technical tools you need

Website or blog to make a few things you need for the devices based on the technical implementation of the block Basic needs, including:

  • Domain – the name of the website to register,
  • Host – the site where you host the site,
  • Whether you decide to go to the program you will use, like WordPress or another program,
  • The design and appearance will have the website

We will check them one by one, to give a brief explanation.

Domain – Website Name

The first thing to do is the name of the domain (Domain), which is the official title for the blog. For example, the e-mail address is the domain or domain that is accessible to the Web site.

The name you choose for the blog should be simple and easy to remember.

There are also many companies registered on the website. Your registered user will own the website. If someone else’s name on that person’s name is owned by the website, that person is responsible for everything on the website. The reason for this is that someone else does not register your name and credit card because it is not an easy-to-carry responsibility.

Here’s a list of sites that can be listed on the website:


When you check the site’s name, the next step is to decide where to host the website, which is the container or folder that you will download information on the website.

Find out more about the website hosting and options here at  Godaddy Hosting

WordPress program

There are many programs for managing, managing, and blogging. It includes WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. The most popular, most widely used, is WordPress.

There are and What is the difference?

It is part directly form entitled under blog, where you will be the host blog. You can register for free on a blog. For example, if you register the name of the zigzag, then your website will be

To use the Program, you must first have a domain name, such as, and hire a host/host. Then it is installed on the site, which will be used as a website for the program.

Design – general image

The blog posting depends on the program you selected, such as, technical, professional, and choice.

While the design is important and contributing to attracting the reader’s eyes, more importantly, the data and information you write will be useful, useful for the public.

Of course, you can print out the advertisement, but you are publishing a statement that causes you to apologize. Wisdom is “WARNING YOU NOT” We can now say “DO NOT KNOW THAT YOU WILL”.

At the end

Whatever you like about the blog can do, you can have the intention you want, but it’s important that you start a blog with topics that are involved in building a community. A blog or website can build you a fortune. It should be a blog based on good ethics and a good command of the language.

Here we view as important is the safeguard of copyright, so:

  • If you write it in another way you should tell the quotation mark,
  • Do not write your essay or not from your brain, its owner,
  • Write the pictures as well as in the next section.
  • Do not delay writing the rights of another person.

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