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Compare cheap camera phones: iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR


Recently, the camera, and not productivity, has become the main measure of progress in the development of smartphones. The wider the photographic abilities of the new model, the more attractive it can be considered. However, there are some nuances. When the detail and color reproduction reached a high level, the cameras were evaluated for the quality of optical stabilization, then – for portrait photographs, then – for the ability to bring the image closer without loss of quality, and now, apparently, everything has returned to its roots and detailed pictures with a minimum have returned to fashion noise.


With the release of iOS 13.2, the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max received support for Deep Fusion technology, which analyzes every pixel in the frame, eliminating noise and increasing detail. Despite the fact that this is just a variation on the topic of the do-it-yourself textbook button, which has more to do with the software than the real capabilities of the camera, the quality of images after processing by the algorithms increases quite noticeably. But does it make sense to buy an iPhone 11 for the sake of Deep Fusion or is it better to save money and take the iPhone XR?


  • 1Comparison of iPhone XR and iPhone 11 cameras
  • 2Whose portraits are better: iPhone XR or iPhone 11
  • 3Whose detail is higher: iPhone 11 or iPhone XR
  • 4Which is better: iPhone XR or iPhone 11

Comparison of iPhone XR and iPhone 11 cameras

Whose portraits are better: iPhone XR or iPhone 11

Portrait shots on the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR turned out to be too different. If the old man completely focused on people, but at the same time gently blurred the background and foreground, which was played by the bar, then the novelty worked worse, highlighting only the woman in the foreground. At the same time, the bokeh effect in the performance of the iPhone 11 turned out to be too vigorous. This can be seen by looking at the sign on the back.

Whose detail is higher: iPhone 11 or iPhone XR

The fifth pair of shots and again Deep Fusion pulls out the whole photo. Thanks to the technology, the picture taken on the iPhone 11 literally crunch from the details, even allowing you to see the picture on the laminate (or what is it?) That the walls are upholstered with. But the rack – apparently because of the black color – the iPhone 11 worked, frankly, so-so. In any case, I liked the vision of the iPhone XR more. But for the sake of the details of Deep Fusion, I am ready to forgive the new product for these flaws.

Well, and the crown reception of the iPhone 11 is the processing of woolen products. On this pair, you can best see how good Deep Fusion technology is when it comes to detailing small objects. After all, what could be even finer than wool fibers? Here, the novelty showed its best side, literally freezing every villus, while the iPhone XR managed, albeit not bad, but nevertheless blurred them, managing far from as cool as a beginner.

Which is better: iPhone XR or iPhone 11

Does it make sense to take the iPhone 11 just because of the camera? Well, if the iPhone XR is your smartphone now, definitely not. However, if you are looking for a smartphone in the price category of sub-flagships, it is best to pay attention to the new product. Even if you forget about the ultra-wide-angle camera, which distorts the objects in the lower and upper parts of the lens, even when shooting at the main width using Deep Fusion, you will get clinking, high-quality images, which you won’t get by shooting on iPhone XR.

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