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Burger King application secretly records the screen of your iPhone


The application “Burger King” for iOS can secretly record the screen of your iPhone, the user “Pikabu” fennikami was convinced, having studied its program code. The mobile client continuously captures both the image, the facts and the coordinates of the fingers touching the display, allowing you to compare this data with each other.

Application for shadowing

The first thing that users of the application should know about is that it keeps a continuous record. This is clearly seen in the above screenshot in the MaxVideoLenght = 0 line, where 0 is the confirmation that the maximum length of the video is unlimited. And in the screenshot below you can see how the application sends the record to the server.

Who can see your data

Worst of all, that access to the video is not only “Burger King”, which could justify its actions by the desire to improve the quality of service, but also completely outsiders. The * / upload address that receives the video file indicates the collection of data by the AppSee metric and its partners of advertisers and marketers.

A more thorough analysis of the application code showed that, in addition to AppSense, the video analyzes ” Yandex. Metrics” and Chashlytics. This means that the audience of those who are able to view not only your actions on the smartphone but also the data of bank cards can count in hundreds and even thousands of people absolutely unknown to you.

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