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Beta Windows 10X runs on MacBook no worse than macOS


Windows is clearly not something without which it is impossible to imagine a Mac, unlike macOS, for which, in fact, many people buy computers manufactured by Apple. Despite the fact that some users can run “windows” on “poppies”, most often this is done not at all for convenience, but out of necessity. For example, to be able to run some specific software that is not available anywhere else. But those who consciously use Windows on a MacBook, iMac or Mac mini simply because they like this OS, are probably an absolute minority. However, it is likely that soon there will be nothing supernatural in installing Windows on a Mac.

Windows 10X, which will replace the classic Windows 10, is still in beta testing, but now it just behaves fine on the Mac. This was found out by a user with the nickname ambush, who was allowed to test the new operating system. He installed it on his MacBook using the Boot Camp utility and filmed how confidently Windows 10X feels in a foreign environment. It not only does not limit the operation of hardware interfaces and Mac tools, which is typical for test builds of the OS but also responds instantly to all user commands.

Windows 10X for MacBook

According to imbushuo himself, he really liked how Windows 10X works on a Mac. Especially nice, he stressed, is the 12-inch MacBook, which is far from being called the most powerful laptop. Microsoft developers have so responsibly approached the adaptation of the operating system that, if you do not pay attention to the name of the computer, you might think that it is installed on it from the factory. After all, even macOS still sins with all sorts of bugs and shortcomings that may well spoil the impression of the interface, says imbushuo. It’s all the more surprising to see how good Windows is in that sense.

Whether it happened so by chance or the developers specially adapted the beta of Windows 10X for Mac computers, I definitely can’t say for sure. Still, doing it now purposefully, perhaps, would not be entirely rational. But, on the other hand, it is possible that Microsoft initially designed the new OS so that it works equally well on any hardware. Indeed, for software, there is no difference between what the name of the computer is and what origin it has, even if it is a Mac, for it the main thing is the hardware and the corresponding optimization.

How Windows Works on Mac

However, Microsoft understands that there are still enough Mac owners who use Windows. Therefore, it would be a mistake to ignore this phenomenon and abandon optimization. After all, if the user is not satisfied with the operation of the operating system on the Apple computer, he will have a negative impression, and he will never transfer to a PC in his life. But if you give him the opportunity to experience all the advantages of the platform where it suits him, it is possible that at some point he will give up half measures, which, in essence, is the installation of Windows through Boot Camp, and will go into the Microsoft ecosystem with his head.

It is not yet known when Microsoft will release Windows 10X, but most likely it will happen this fall, and we will learn more detailed information about the new operating system at the Build conference, which will be held in May. There, company representatives will talk about the innovations of the update and its distribution model. Indeed, despite the fact that Apple distributes its operating systems absolutely free of charge, Microsoft believes that software support should be paid and before the release of Windows 10 it was actively trading in major updates.

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