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Best wireless chargers with Aliexpress


Wireless chargers have become part of our daily life. My colleague Artem Sutyagin is a big fan of wireless chargers, he placed them all over the house so that in any incomprehensible situation there was an opportunity to recharge the smartphone. I cannot boast of the same – I have only one “pancake” from Baseus at my disposal. I have picked out a lot of cool options, including multi-functional ones, to charge multiple devices at once.

External battery for Magsafe

The new product from Apple did not have time to die off, and the enterprising Chinese have already organized everything – there are 5000 and 10000 mAh batteries to choose from. The description says that it is suitable for all iPhones above 8. But it will be magnetized only on the iPhone 12 . The main feature is that you can charge any device, even Airpods! The device produces 15 W of power, which is very pleasing. All in all, for the money it is definitely worth a try!

Charger for Magsafe

Another excellent analog of the expensive Magsafe for iPhone 12 owners. It delivers 15 watts of power, has a convenient fold-out leg so you can watch YouTube while charging your iPhone. It attaches to the iPhone 12, and can also be used as an excellent wireless pancake for other devices. Buyers give a good rating, noting the quality.

Wireless charging 30W

A device with an excellent design, which can charge two devices at the same time, because the total output power is 30 watts. In the middle of the device, there is a convenient indication of the charging process, which will tell you whether it is time to remove the device. It looks very cool and practical. Suitable for any smartphone. The price is nice, so you have to take it!

HOCO wireless charger for 3 devices

The manufacturer HOCO always pleases us with a non-standard approach to the manufacture of accessories. This time we are offered wireless charging for 3 devices: iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch. The power of each sector of the “pancake” is 10 W, 3 and 2 W, respectively. It is very convenient to leave your gadgets overnight. The reviews praise the quality of the device. By the way, for 150 rubles, caring sellers will add a branded power adapter to the kit.

Huawei 15W Wireless Charging

A stylish solution from Huawei for all devices with Qi – nothing more, just charge your favorite device. Delivers up to 15W of power when charging. The case is covered with silicone to keep your glass iPhone from slipping. There are two colors to choose from. Charging not only gives energy, but does it wisely – the intelligent system supplies just as much power as the device needs.

Charging Baseus

Baseus makes a style – it’s not a shame to give a portable charger, for example, to yourself. In the middle of the “pancake” is the Baseus brand badge. Nice material and texture make the device pleasant to the touch. Everything is in order with the filling – the gadget delivers up to 15 W of power, perfectly removes heat and controls the charging process – the indicator will inform you that your favorite iPhone is charged. There are two colors to choose from. The price, of course, is very pleasing!

Baseus stylish charger

Not a single selection without accessories from Baseus – the company provides excellent quality for reasonable money. This time, a great stylish solution for the home. You can charge any device with Qi. There are 3 colors to choose from – you won’t be bored. The Baseus charger, given its size, produces 10W of power, which is very cool for its size. The included lightning wire is a great bonus for that kind of money!

Table lamp BONOLA with wireless charging

BONOLA has created both a convenient and unexpected solution because wireless charging in a lamp is ingenious! The reviews are extremely positive, the quality deserves respect. Match with the picture – 100%. The lamp itself can be turned as you please. Suitable for any Qi-enabled device. It’s nice that the bundle includes USB Type-C. Do we take?

Fan wireless charging

If we had a heading for the wildest purchases from AliExpress, then this product would definitely get there – not every day you come across such an unexpected decision. What’s even more surprising – the fan is removable! Such a thing will charge not only the iPhone but also any other device.

The unit itself can accommodate literally all Apple wearable devices, not counting the iPad. Includes USB Type-C cable. It’s time to recharge and cool down!

Wooden charger KEYSION

This wireless charger was included in our selection solely for its appearance: it has a chic color, excellent performance and a comfortable leg, thanks to which your iPhone will be in an upright position. Set it as convenient! all other characteristics are in perfect order: it produces up to 10 watts, a modern USB Type-C is included. In general, it is suitable for any smartphones with wireless charging.

From the pleasant: the device has silicone mounts on the bottom, thanks to which it holds firmly and does not fall under the weight of the smartphone

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