Best funny WhatsApp Texting Games 2018

Hey peeps, we are here with another awesome post that you would love to read and execute. WhatsApp..!  Yeah, one of the most popular free messaging and call application that rules over everyone. Millions of people are using it daily and exchanging conversations. Other than having a conversation there are a lot of extra features in WhatsApp that we would love to do, are you excited to know about it? Aren’t you? 😉 We are going to show you some games that don’t require you to have a smartphone.

Cool and funny WhatsApp Texting Games

We all use WhatsApp, and mainly everyone maintains a lot of groups filled off with families and friends. The games listed out in the article will bring a lot of fun and interaction with your friends. You can play these games over any chat application if you have a pretty good phone with decent internet connection.

Cool and funny WhatsApp Texting Games

  1. YES or NO

This game is pretty famous one and simple to play out with your friends and families. YES or NO is a pretty good game that will keep you hooked up.

First of all, one should think of an object or person and keep them in mind and don’t disclose to others. And others will shoot you a number of questions. You have to answer those questions with YES or NO, The main theme of the question is that the others want to guess the answer correctly with your “Yes or No” answers. A lot of variations can be put down to the game and can make more haunting by limiting the number of questions and all. Pretty cool isn’t it?

  1. Character Guess

If you get bored up while chatting up with your friends, then you can try out this awesome text game. It’s all in and out fun.

You should think or get a character into your mind; it can be anyone a movie character, celebrity, sports person or anyone. Then shoot hints to your friends. If they don’t guess up correctly with the limited hints you have given, then you won the pot, and if they guess up correctly you lose. Awesome isn’t it? Try out ASAP 😀

  1. Would you rather?

One of the Simple and precise game, would you rather replies will make you laugh out loud.

So here is a game sheet. You need to give weird and hilarious situations or circumstances, give them two options and ask them which one you will choose out from that. It will be a relaxing and hilarious texting game throughout. Try it out.

  1. Kiss, Marry, Kill

You should have already heard of this game from various sources, yeah it’s an awesome fun game if you take it in the right humor.

The game will work out in this way; You need to list out 3 people to your friends. The people on the list can be celebrities or anyone that you know in common and ask them, “Kiss, Marry, Kill?” Then, they have to pick the one they would kiss, the one they marry and they kill. Just don’t take this one into a serious stuff, just play it in the right manner.

  1. Quiz Buzz

An addictive game that would make everyone to get involved for a long time, and it will help you in increasing the logical thinking power.

The game is so simple and you can have a lot of variations in it, like playing it as a texting game you can ask a question without any hints and you can wait for the answer. If you have any doubt on anyone that they will search on the internet for the answers, then you can ask them logical questions. Have a lot of fun.

So that’s it peeps, Play this awesome WhatsApp texting games and has all the fun way out. Get involved and keep engaged 🙂

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