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There are many people who are moving forward in designing their own eCommerce website. Paying designers is sometimes out of the question, becausetheir sky high prices will push your over your budget. WixStores is the solution for Ecommerce.

When creating an eCommerce website, the site must have the power in getting up as well as running and being adjusted on the go.Luckily, does exactly what you need for your eCommerce website. It works really well as it features hundreds of templates including tools which are easy-to-use. It does give the users full control over the usability as well as the look of their online store, which helps in keeping an eye on the creative bone.

Here, we are introducing to you the latest offering: WixStores. WixStores is the ecommerce website builder by, which gives the merchants an opportunity for creating their online stores easily within few clicks. It is created for small businesses who want to create an attractiveand functional online web store. Here we will give a review of WixStores, which is one of the best and most recommended eCommerce website builders available. We will tell you that what actually made WixStores a good option to choose for designing our eCommerce website for the web and mobile.


You can associate WixStores with a single word, and that is, “SIMPLICITY”. Right from the beginning, you will find that creating your eCommerce website is really easy, as well as a simple process. It does it for its users by providing them with more than 500+ free design templates including simple to modern and fancy, funky as well as busy andcolorful and much more.


WixStores is especially good for those people who don’t have high budgets to pay designers to design their websites. It also helps in creating functional as well as beautiful Web and mobile eCommerce stores easily.


It has a clear path for beginning

Numerous online website builders feature a major setup process but with, it is quite different. Users just need to sign-up, and then choose a category, select the template, which is most suitable and start creating. It will almost take 3 minutes for creating your website or a little longer if you take time for looking through different categories and templates.

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Easy to use Store Manager

You are the store owner and you are only one who has the full control over it. Being here, you can easily organize as well as add new products, set the payment options, add coupons, set up the prices, determine all the tax and shipping rates, manage the inventory, track orders and much more.

Building an online functional web store is simple

Users really need not to enter into the manuals for creating their online functional web store in order to understand all the building dynamics. The tools are easily available to use along with proper instructions and clear identification. Wix has managed to undertake the importance of the organic reach and thus features SEO friendly tools, which help in optimizing the site to a significant extent. You really need to try your hands over with it and experience yourself about its easy-to-use capability.

Wix does provide exceptional and amazing helpful tools along with informational material, which helps small business owners in creating online stores. It will help you on each and every step you follow as well as while setting up the store, Also provide you with the explainer videos on the pages which might be new to you. It does works really well while integrating in a perfect manner.

Amazing support of features

Many-a-times, people do find the major essentials missing while creating their online functional web store, but here with WixStores, it is completely the opposite. Users really need not worry about usingan external CRM in order to get in touch with other platforms for generating content. Helps the users in control of the store where they can easily manage the newsletters as well as other things. It does features Smart Actions which helps in sending automated mails. It even allows for choosing the triggers for sending emails regarding special offers, thank you letters, sending coupons and much more.


It is quite really a good option for people to choose WixStores if they are planning to start with a new web store. It gives an opportunity to look the best in the least time with everything working well. Wix has managed to integrate WixStores perfectly. Even the users find it quite easy and simple to look up as well as buy the stuff. You can easily customize everything for your mobile site as well. It is affordable as well with a 24*7 customer support.

In a nutshell, it is really a good service option for people planning to go up in their eCommerce game or are just at the beginning itself. It is the best way to go for those business owners who are significantly looking for a platform in putting the online store.

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