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Apple taught Siri to block spam calls in iOS 13


Apple knows how to ensure the safety of its users. But for this, it is not enough just not to collect data about their actions or to encrypt outgoing messages. It is equally important to protect users from communicating with potentially dangerous people. Therefore, iOS 13 has a spam protection feature that works thanks to analysis technologies that underlie Siri voice assistant. Thanks to her unwanted calls in the past.

Anti-spam filter on iOS

If the voice assistant detects the number of the caller in your contact list, messages, email, then he will miss it. Otherwise, the caller will be redirected to voicemail, which you can listen to and decide whether to call back or not. Calls from unwanted callers will not initiate a call signal, but will be displayed in the missed ones, where it will be easier to work with them.

What can Siri

In general, what Apple offers is definitely inferior to Google’s Call Screen system, which independently receives a call and transmits a conversation transcript on the Android-smartphone to the screen. Nevertheless, this is still a significant improvement in the voice assistant Siri, who has recently been actively acquiring new functions, which means that he will soon be able to fulfill the role of your personal concierge, handling calls, compiling a list of recommendations and answering all sorts of questions.

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