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Apple talked about the disadvantages of AirPods


Apple can rightfully be considered one of the “greenest” companies in the world. In Cupertino, great efforts are being made to reduce emissions and reduce resource consumption. To do this, the company tries to use as much solar energy as possible and recycle recycled electronics for subsequent use. But sometimes Apple behaves completely inconsistently, selling devices that are not only unrepairable but in many ways cannot even be disposed of.

AirPods Battery Replacement

OneZero journalist Will Oremus turned to Apple with a question about whether AirPods really cannot be repaired, and if so, does it harm the environment? In Cupertino responded unusually quickly and frankly. Representatives of the company did not deny that the AirPods battery cannot be replaced, and they are practically not suitable for repair. Nevertheless, Apple is making great efforts to dispose of damaged and broken headphones.

Repair AirPods

The recycling process of the AirPods is very complicated. If the iPhone is dealt with by special robots, then in the case of headphones, this is a live person. It is required to disconnect components that are to be disposed of from those that will be recycled. For example, a bit of cobalt and other minerals can be extracted from the battery in order to subsequently direct them to create new batteries. Unfortunately, the value of the insides of the AirPods ends there. As a result of the recycling and recycling of headphones, Apple gets so little benefit that it actually works at a loss.

But the disadvantage does not end there. Given that AirPods cannot be repaired, Apple simply has to give out replacement headphones to owners. Even despite the fact that, as a rule, this procedure is paid for the user, it does not bring the company the same benefits as, for example, renting a damaged iPhone. If at least you can restore the smartphone and send it to the second implementation, having stayed in the positive, then this number will not work with AirPods.

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