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Apple showed how to charge the iPhone in 2020. So far without AirPower


Apple does not always succeed the first time. Back in the days when Steve Jobs was at the helm of the company , employees often heard phrases like “just make it work!”. And in most cases they succeeded, or they found alternative ways to solve the problem. However, such a trick did not work with AirPower : even Apple engineers, who can rightly be called one of the smartest people in the world, could not make wireless charging with many induction coils see the light.

It seems that Cupertino understands that they will not be able to make AirPower in the near future. At the end of last year, rumors appeared repeatedly that Apple could release the second generation of its wireless charging right away. However, so far, everything suggests the opposite: the other day the company added new products from the brands OtterBox, Mophie, Belkin, Ubio Labs, Native Union, STM and Promise Technology, among which there are wireless chargers, in their American online store.

Wireless Charging for iPhone

So, the OtterBox solution includes a charging station and three 5,000 mAh disk-shaped batteries so you can charge your iPhone, AirPods case, or any other device that supports wireless charging on the go.

The gadget comes with a 36 W power adapter and is able to quickly charge your iPhone. It is possible to buy both a charging station in full and its elements separately.

Another wireless charge in the Apple store was the new from Mophie – Powerstation Plus XL. This is an external battery with a capacity of 8,000 mAh, which is enough to lean the iPhone to start charging. There are also solutions from Ubio Labs – with 6,000 mAh and 10,000 mAh.

It seems that Apple really does not plan to release its own solution for outbred charging of “apple” gadgets – otherwise the company, on the contrary, would begin to get rid of third-party manufacturers of similar devices in the online store, as it did before. By the way, new items have not yet arrived at the Russian Apple store, but it is expected that they will appear in the near future.

Initially, the AirPower idea seemed completely win-win – the user got at his disposal a device with which he could wirelessly charge several types of devices at once – iPhone, Apple Watch and a case for AirPods. No one has ever proposed such a solution, and it is obvious that many people were looking forward to this product. However, time passed, and the fate of the project continued to remain unknown. Later it became known that Apple posed virtually impossible tasks for engineers.

Nevertheless, Apple does not abandon attempts to release AirPower. The new device will use a more powerful system, and the software package is going to be radically redone. Particular attention will be paid to security and data protection (this is the subject of a patent application dated December 9 last year). Probably those who have been involved in the AirPower project for several years know what needs to be done.

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