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Apple releases iOS 15.1.1 with cellular network bug fixes for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13


Today, November 17th, Apple has officially released iOS 15.1.1. Anyone can install it. Let me remind you that yesterday in Cupertino introduced iOS 15.2 beta 3 for participants in the beta testing program and everyone who has a beta profile. There are a lot of innovations in iOS 15.2. iOS 15.1.1 is presented as a minor update containing only a few amendments.

What’s new in iOS 15.1

In iOS 15.1, the changes came out decently. All of them, in my opinion, greatly facilitate life. Still, iOS 15 came out not in the best condition, to be honest. Some features are still missing here, although they were announced back in the summer.

Here are all the innovations in iOS 15.1 :

  • Ability to share video and audio content via FaceTime using SharePlay.
  • QR codes for vaccinations in the Wallet app.
  • The ability to add the results of PCR tests to the regular application “Health”.
  • Lossless audio in HomePod.
  • Switch macro mode in Camera on iPhone 13.
  • New ProRes format.

In the description of the update, Apple says that the new version of its operating system has reduced the possibility of disconnection during calls on the iPhone 12 and 13.

The bottom line is that iPhones regularly experienced problems with cellular communications, and their owners were left without the Internet, the ability to make calls and send SMS. Some users complained that the connection was lost at high speed due to delays in switching between stations, others even noted that the iPhone shows the network very well, but in fact, neither messages nor calls simply reach their recipients. Moreover, in comparison to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11, the second catches the network much better.

iOS 15 Issues

Even with a lot of bug fixes, iOS 15 is full of other issues. In particular, some users (including me with the iPhone 11) have complained about their devices overheating. What is observant – the phone is heated in a locked state. Judging by the comments of users, the problem affected the owners of older generations.

Also, many complained that the iPhone screens began to respond poorly to touch. The author of Ivan Gerasimov said that he personally encountered the problem:

How to install an update on an iPhone

Unlike beta testing, everyone can upgrade to iOS 15.1.1, quickly. It doesn’t take much:

  • Unlock your iPhone, go to Settings.
  • Continue to the General section.
  • Then Software Update.
  • Tap on the Download and Install button.
  • Wait for the download.
  • Ready.

I still remind you to back up your device. Remember that any (even official) update may cause some problems. Yes, the service center will repair your phone, but no one will restore the data stored on the device. If you are experiencing an apple freeze or something like that, we have a special article on this subject.



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